50 Most Promising Technology Consultants

Worldwide, the role of technology in the areas of governance, banking, advertising, entertainment, medical, engineering and other industrial fields is inexorable. IT industry has not only transformed the market innovations, but has also fuelled economic growth. Cost arbitrage, availability of skilled manpower and favorable business environment makes Indian market the most preferred destination for the global investors looking to offshore their IT and back-office functions. As the growth in the technology sector is flourishing, most of the global investors are eyeing into the Indian market, making it the world's largest sourcing destination for the information technology. Software, web internet/intranet and database have become a part of day to day business. To expand quickly and efficiently, organizations need new technological solutions, including data networks and software platforms. Most of the firms including small and large scale are in search of expertise and oversight for technology enabled business transformation across various verticals. To sustain and grow a profitable business, today the corporate world relies heavily on Information Technology. This is where the role of consultants becomes inevitable. By providing strategic guidance to clients with regard to technology and IT infrastructures they enable organizations to sustain and grow a profitable business.

This issue of Consultants Review brings you 50 Most Promising Technology Consultants in India. The list features some of the best in the industry who are capable of helping clients to gain efficiency by supporting them beyond an advisory level. The proposed list aims to help entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to choose the pertinent consulting partner who suits their specific requirements and helps their enterprise realize greater

Company Name Description
Aashna Cloudtech A provider of e-commerce, warehouse management, ERP, CRM and offshore cloud services.
Absolute Networks A firm that provides complete IT solutions by providing system integration, consulting and maintaining service.
Acuvate Software A technology firm that offers analytics & database services, business process management, CRM services and application lifecycle management
Albion Global Inc An IT solutions company that provides consulting services, facility management service, remote infrastructure management and technical support.
Annik Technology Services An IT consultancy frim that offers data collection & enrichment, data management, business intelligence & analytics solutions.
Anvi Technology Services A provider of IT and SAP-based solutions along with testing services, end-user technology and enterprise mobility services.
Aumento Technologies Consulting Services A technology company providing services in the area of analytics, big data, mobility, process integration & end-user experience management.
AURIC Solutions A provider of business and project consulting services in domestic and e Governance space
BluePi Consulting A technology company that provides services in cloud computing , product engineering, IT consulting, application service, mobile applications and software development.
Briskon Software Consulting A provider of quality software applications, creative web solutions, mobile applications and business analytics.
Compro Technologies A firm that specializes in outsourced product development and custom technology solutions,utilizing best-of-class scalable, extensible technologies and processes.
CoStrategix Technologies A provider of digital marketing solutions, e-commerce solutions, IT consulting, analytics and cloud integration.
Dakshah Ebiz Consulting A consulting firm that offers services on business consulting, ERP and business applications for medium scale companies.
Dexler Information Solutions E-learning is a space that has evolved manifold in the last decade or so. At the cusp of the new millennium, the IT industry experienced a boom in India.
Dimakh Consultants A firm that offers website designing, web application development, SEO, web hosting and web advertisements.
Direction Software Solutions A provider of business intelligence, mobility solutions, E-business consulting and other bespoke solutions.
ECeltic Consulting In today's world of synergistic working, information seems to be dilating exponentially and organizations are floating in a virtual sea of documents.
Eminent IT Services An IT services provider that offers services in consulting, business solutions, ERP & CRM, custom software development and professional IT management services to SMEs.
Esquare Info Solutions A provider of Liferay and other open source portal development, consulting and training
Evosys Global A firm that provides ERP, CRM, EPM, Taleo, Endeca, VCP, mobile applications and custom solutions.
Future Framework IT Services A provider of global consultation and training solutions
GCS Consulting Services A provider of IT & management consulting, ERP consulting,content development, project audits, quality consulting and testing.
Got Softwares An IT Products and service provider for the engineering, construction, contracting, realty & operations (ECCR & O) domains.
GrayMatter Software Services A provider of business intelligence and analytics solutions across industries like airports, cargo handling, insurance, BPO’s and manufacturing.
Imaginea Technologies Inc An IT consulting firm specialize in providing social technology, cloud, product lifecycle, analytics and mobile app services.
KernelSphere Technologies A provider of business consulting, information technology and communication services.
Kovaion Consulting India A frim that provides IT solutions across industry verticals such as banking and financial services, IT & ITES, staffing and manufacturing
LIVA IT Services A provider of IT services, software development services, web development services, cloud computing services and software application services.
Maha Infotech Over time,while our economy has undergone a remarkable facelift, the growth in IT has been both a cause and a result.
Marksman Technologies A firm that offers outsourcing, system integration and application development, software and consulting,and quality assurance and training in e-learning segment.
Neoteric Infomatique A provider of PC building blocks, branded PC, Audio-Video, unified communication, enterprise solutions
Novigo Solutions A provider of E-commerce, social media applications, business intelligence and cloud-based services.
Orient Technologies A firm that offers services in recommending IT products, consultancy in designing networks and implementing hardware/software solutions
Porus Software Consultants An IT services and solutions company that specialized in implementation of SAP solutions and web applications.
Pramati Technologies A technology frim that offers product lifecycle services and cloud lifecycle management.
Radiant Web Technology A provider of Web Service, IT, Social Media Marketing, Designing, Branding& PR solutions.
Shro Systems A provider of application services, systems integration, custom software development and IT maintenance and infrastructure services
SK Robotics If those reel life robots were any hint of the future, they today come to play the new frontiers in technology and are all set to enter our daily lives.
Smart IMS Inc A provider of IT applications, business process services and IT transformation services.
Soffit Infrastructure Services IT Services organization delivering value to businesses through highly refined processes.
Soham IT Services A provider of IT services with Corporate/ MNC standards to the medium and small scale industries
Stylus Inc A provider of integrated business intelligence services and customized solutions developed using Microsoft & LAMP technologies solutions.
tech9labs A customer driven, hybrid IT company offering infrastructure solutions and services.
TriCore Solutions A fim that provides scalable and reliable managed application, cloud, infrastructure hosting and consulting services.
Unotech Software Solutions With the Open Source technology pervading into corporate IT, enterprises are on the verge of witnessing a fleet footed revolution.
Valency Networks A firm that offers services in the area of IT security, penetration testing, ethical hacking, IT audit, compliance and governance.
Varna Technologies At the onset of the 2000’s, IT was in its nascent stages in India in terms of adoption. It was then that two techies working in the US set out to startup a product/services company in India with the goal to target the nascent domestic IT market.
Virtuoso Infotech A fast growing software firm based out of Pune, India specializing in the development of software technology solutions like business portals and mobile apps
Winspire Solutions A provider of latest IT tools and technologies along with software and hardware solutions.