Eminent IT Services: Automating Businesses and Creating Value for Customers

CIO Vendor As the world of technology advances every day, SMEs are more focused to plug into the new technology servicestodeliver high quality services to their clients. With proven methods to streamline operations and improve business requirements, Lakhjeet established Eminent IT Services, a provider of affordable and easy to usesolutions for the complex business requirements. The firm offers a series of services which include consulting, business solutions (ERP and CRM), custom software development and professional IT management services to SMEs. Founded in the year 2007, with a blend of offsite and onsite delivery model, Eminent ITprovides level up IT solutions.
As the firm ventured into the market, they realized the need for demonstrating the services and capabilities in the area they aim to. With quality products and services to the customers and helping them to achieve their business objectives, the firm cut the mustard. Eminent provides end to end solutions in consulting as well as software solution sectors.“Our consulting and IT management service is for SMBs, to have an expert IT engagement, on a short-term basis and cost effective manner, to plan, implement and manage the IT setup in a professional manner,” states Lakhjeet Singh Dhanjal, CEO of Eminent IT Services.
The modus operandi enables client organizations to manage their IT budget more efficiently and assists them in lowering the cost of IT operations.

ProvidingPrecise Services and Solutions
Headquartered in Gurgaon, the firm provides turnkey and specialized solutions in fabricating web applications, desktop applications and cloud applications, using latest Microsoft .NET technologies.By offering its hand to software solutions services, the firm is a trailblazer in the industry. Rather than, enabling the clients to use a proposed software solution, the firm pierce in to the core needs of clients and builds automation solutions. Through scrutinized analysis the firm furnishes software solutions duly;further - tests, implements and maintains it.
Armed with a professional team that possessa pool full of experience and capabilities to back up the process, Eminent chisels layer by layer till end of the service pyramid. “We bring to the table, the years of experience of our professionals in technology and management, the strong functional knowledge of manufacturing, automobile, retailing, distribution &service sector and the expertise of precisely understanding the customer’s business requirements and translating them into effective IT solutions,” explains Lakhjeet. Eminent’s unique proposition to the technology sector is ‘EminentO Business Apps’ - a software solution that reaches across the board. The industry specific business software solution automates an array of sectors right from procurement to service delivery. Some of the special offerings are, Procurement management, Inventory Management, Sales and Invoicing, Project Management, Document Management, Asset Management, HR and Payroll automation.

“Our customized software solutions are tailored to business needs; these solutions improve customer business processes by automating their processes,” he expounds.
Owing to its competitive solutions, the company has won over prestigious clients including DeLarue, Honda, Planet retail, CooperStandatrd, Brakewel and many more.“We strongly believe in creating value for our customers, and deliver the same by applying our expertise and experience,” propounds Lakhjeet.Perceiving that technology is cardinal for successful business, the firm is focusingto leverage IT in much proficient way. In the coming years this professionally managed firm wants to penetrate further into the SME segments by catering their services to various other industry domains.