Anvi Technology Services:Talent meets Experience in Realizing Client Needs

The evolution towards a digital enterprise has brought in more opportunities to innovate, streamline business processes and drive down costs. More and more companies are waking up to the need for specialized acumen in facing the new challenges of global market. Anvi Technology Services is a firm with a focus on providing specialized knowledge to companies in their pursuit of excellence. Shiva Pillai, the Founder and CEO of Anvi Tech, incepted the company in 2012, with the goal of reaching out to clients in need of tactical knowhow and SAP-based solutions, with a delivery focused approach. The company currently has its presence in India, US and UAE, serving a global clientele. Anvi Tech fills the lacunae that existed in the IT space where companies had problems areas which requires innovative and experiential approach vis-à-vis the standardized services by many solution providers which were neither constructive nor pertinent.
The anomaly that existed in the IT space which Anvi Tech wanted to eradicate was that companies had problem areas which needed innovative and experiential approach. But most solution providers had standardized services which were not always constructive or pertinent. “Our motto at Anvi Tech is ‘We Are Listening’, and we hold true to that. In our opinion, solutions available in the market aren’t always suitable because of a lack of proper communication and understanding the requirements and deliverables between the clients and the providers. We want to change it, and deliver problem-oriented solutions, which may well be exclusive,” Shiva explains. CIO Vendor

We want to change the requirements and deliverables between the clients and the providers, and deliver exclusive problem-oriented solutions

Initially, resource generation was a big challenge for Anvi Tech, as is the case with most start-up organizations. Also, being headquartered offshore had its own set of logistical and security problems. But, over time the company dealt with all the roadblocks and soared ahead. Presently, Anvi Tech is focusing on ERP support projects, and a sizeable percentage of the clients are doing repeat-business with them. With an emphasis on Oil & Gas and Utility sectors, the company prides itself on being a people-centric organization with a process-driven approach and following a globally-integrated delivery model. Among SAP services, the company provides consulting, implementation, upgrading, rollout and application management. Apart from these SAP services, theyalso provide testing services, end-user technology and enterprise mobility services.
Amidst stiff competition, Anvi Tech has held its own. The USP of the company which make it stand out are its highly specialized and motivated workforce, the customer focus intended at complete satisfaction and on-time delivery. The commitment to execute has served them good as they have racked up an impressive list of clientele. Among the most notable clients that Anvi Tech has worked with are Abdul Latif Jamil, TASNEE Petro, Saudi Electricity Corporation, Luberef FedEx.
The cash flow has been steady and Anvi Tech has been making gradual inroads in other industries. “Because we are in lot of repeat business, at this moment in time the margins are low. But, we intended to develop our industry verticals by expanding beyond Oil & Gas and Utility. We plan to penetrate the Data Migration & Analytics space over the next few years.

Also, we are planning to open another office in Rwanda by next year, and we look to generate a good amount of employment,” Shiva concludes.