Dexler Information Solutions: Making a Difference to E-Learning

CIO Vendor E-learning is a space that has evolved manifold in the last decade or so. At the cusp of the new millennium, the IT industry experienced a boom in India. Along came the need for specialized outlook towards Learning & Development. Dexler Information Solutions (DIS) came into being roughly at the same time. Anand Nagarajan, their dynamic CEO, founded the company as a freshman straight out of college. Based in Bangalore, DIS started out as a classroom-based corporate training outfit who quickly found clients in IT companies who had set up offices in the garden city newly. The new era brought newer technologies and business processes, and the workforce needed to be updated and upgraded, skill-wise. Initially, DIS assisted clients with entry-level training and fresher induction programs.
Anand promptly realized that the classroom style of training didn’t cater to the immediate needs of the industry, and Dexler soon ventured into the e-learning space, making themselves and their offerings more viable and consistent.
As is the case with most companies testing uncharted waters, Dexler had its initial hiccups. From financial mismanagement to indiscipline to abysmal sales figures, Dexler suffered and weathered it all.
But, under Anand’s tutelage, they overcame the odds without letting the hardships dictate the quality of their services. Now, almost 14 years since inception, the company is reaping rich dividends. Dexler provides custom-made solutions for their clients, and even when competition has increased in recent years, the company is holding its fort. “We create digital e-learning content. We have both cloud-based systems and learning management systems. We provide a number of solutions and services to organizations with large ERPs like SAP. We also provide a few other subsidiary services like user-adoption for IT systems,” Anand explains. The diligence towards their clients shows in their commitment to excel in the field and stand out from the crowd. Dexler is among the top two e-learning companies in India, and productivity & quality-wise they are arguably the best in the country as of now. The company focuses on building skills by employing unique production processes. “We have 1.5-2X capacity, which implies that any of our competitors has to have double the size of our workforce in order to match our productivity and output. We also have excellent client relationship as far as dependability and quality is concerned. Our quality has never fallen and hence, we have never lost a client in the last 10 years,” Anand adds while elaborating why Dexler is a one-of-a-kind organization.
In the L&D sector, offshore players are not considered dependable, and that is a trend Dexler has been successful in bucking. The company has grown in leaps and bounds since inception, especially in the last few years. The company reported a 65% growth last year, a figure they intend to double this year. Their phenomenal run in the last few years has made them not just the fastest growing e-learning company in India, but also brought them appreciation and recognition from clients and media alike. They have featured in magazines & journals regularly. Dexler has massive expansion plans in the coming year. “The e-learning market is highly fragmented. We want to have a chain of centres, operating globally with local design methodologies and delivery capabilities. Currently, we are looking at setting up operations in Australia, South Korea, UK and US in the next 3-4 months. The driving force is to assert our global presence and not just be seen as an offshore player,” Anand concluded.