AURIC Solutions: Delivering Complex Projects with Ease and Professionalism

CIO Vendor In today’s business environment every project’s implementation requires the association of partners as well as customers. However, this always poses a challenge as putting your finger on the perfect partner is not an easy job. Companies require an eco system to be in place which would empower them while taking critical business decisions. Communication is also a critical aspect for a seamless integration. Having indentified this, Ashish Pandey, a seasoned industry professional founded AURIC Solutions, a provider of business and project consulting services. The company has developed a strong partner ecosystem by sourcing various third party offerings as ready to use applications, technical solutions, technical services from OEMs and various Service Providers on PAN India level. Founded in 2008 as AURIC Consulting & e Services, the company started with limited capital and human resources but in no time acquired multiple projects and gained the confidence of prestigious clients. Addressing the needs of evolving business dynamics AURIC restructured itself as AURIC Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in 2012. “Although the company has restructured itself, we still function with a strong emphasis on commitment, consistency, transparency and performance,” adds Ashish Pandey, Founder, CEO, AURIC Solutions.

Addressing Client Requirements
The company has developed services that are focused specifically on client requirements which are delivered with the highest standards. In terms of
consulting, the company’s major focus is on enhancing business performance by streamlining processes, reducing organizational risk with cost saving and leveraging the global sourcing or outsourcing organizational model. The “AURIC services delivery model (ASDM)” solution is designed to meet clients’ business, operational and technology needs. The company also has a comprehensive suite of managed services offerings and the company is positioned to assume responsibility for the management of technical and operational needs.

“As every large project’s success is dependent on its choice of System Integrators they are the backbone taking on the entire load,” explains Ashish. Hence, the AURIC team of technical experts analyzes and connects the organization’s legacy systems, by assessing its readiness for the digital age, and addressing the challenges through solutions that create a complete digital enterprise. Additionally, the company also provides capacity building solutions as its essential to build capacity within rural and urban India. “We promote Education, Employability, and Empowerment. We are experts in the fields of capacity building in educational, industrial and corporate segments,” adds Ashish. The company follows CMMI Level 3 standards within the process. AURIC is also ISO 9001:2008 certified and intends to achieve certification of CMMI Level 3 in very near future.

Growing From Strength To Strength

AURIC has come a long way since its inception. What started as an IT consulting firm has now transformed into an organization providing IT Business Consulting Services, IT Technical & Process Consulting, IT Managed Services, System Integration, Capacity Building & Skill Development, Application Solutions & Technical Support, Project Management, Infrastructure Solutions, eGovernance Project Implementation and Cloud Computing. The company also has a strong partner network and is known to set trends and bringing innovation to the IT Industry. “We know the key to survival is delivering the best for your customers and never breaking their trust,” says Ashish about the company’s success mantra.
The dynamic organization is gearing up to become the biggest Sales Delivery Engine of the Indian IT Sector both in India and overseas. The company has only one focus in mind, and that is to ensure that they fulfill all the business objectives of their customers. “Going forward as well out motto will be the same, Business Objective, Delivered,” concludes Ashish.