Maha Infotech :Excellence through Security and IT Consultancy Services

CIO Vendor Over time,while our economy has undergone a remarkable facelift, the growth in IT has been both a cause and a result. In an age where manual work is being taken over by technology, the acumen required to make IT systems work has been in steady demand. Back in 2000, an IT consultancy company was formed in Mumbai with the objective of catering primarily to government organizations. Maha Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (MIPL) was incepted by Prasad Patil, a few years out of IIM Bangalore and Sudhir Deshpande, an electronics engineer – both first generation entrepreneurs. They were swift in recognizing the potential of the infotech market in India. And, they wanted to partner the Government ventures to begin with.
Back then Government organisations were undergoing a sea change in their working style. Computers and software were being installed in large scale and experts with knowledge in systems and an understanding of government working were in demand.MIPL seized the opportunity with both hands, and excelled fairly well in the unchartered territory. Despite initially facing the natural hurdle of unstable cash flows, MIPL overcame the challenge by creating multiple business opportunities, and impressing clients with their performance.

As a result, 90% of MIPL’s current business is either repeat or referral business. “Today, we call ourselves a Security and IT consulting service provider. After 26/11, a lot of our clients started reviewing their security set-ups and using technology to augment the same. We are involved in safe city projects, premise security projects, critical infrastructure protectionprograms etc. And, we are among the top three security consultants in India, currently,” Prasad elaborates.
What has made them unique in their endeavour is their approach. MIPL, currently chaired by D. Sivanandhan, (IPS Retd., former CP, Mumbai & former DGP Maharashtra), works very closely with clients, and strives to become partners to them. Working with the Government also has the benefit of being involved in a number of diverse verticals. Also, they have a very quick turn-around time, which is sometimes a major prerequisite for Government organizations.
MIPL works closely with oil & gas major HPCL across India, in a number of security projects and has partnered them in the largest biometric access control project in the world. MIPL is also working closely with Gujarat Police and Municipal Corporations of Nanded, Aurangabad, Kolhapur and Navi Mumbai. Innovation is MIPL’s forte and they have been involved as consultants in designing a unique Pipeline Intrusion Detection System for HPCL as well as an Electronic Tank Truck Locking System – the only such working system in the world. Some of MIPL’s projects like the Nanded Safe City project have won national and international accolades. MIPL was also recently selected as one of the top 7 Global Security Consultants of 2014, by a security watch organisation in London.
Doing their bit for the society, in 2010, Prasad and Sudhir founded a unique school for children with learning disabilities (LD), Aatman Academy, in Thane, which currently facilitates the learning of nearly 50 children with LD. In 2012, they also formed SECONA, the only security consultants’ association in India.
The future holds the key to a number of glorious plans for MIPL. “We believe that we serve the society through our work for the Government, and would like to be involved in more projects wherein IT can be applied to mitigate social risks. The induction of Sivanandhan as our Chairman has definitely sharpened our focus and enhanced our ability to serve our customers. Somewhere down the road, we want MIPL to be synonymous with security, in India and beyond,” Prasad concludes.