Marksman Technologies:DevelopingCutting Edge IT Solutions through Open Source

CIO Vendor The use of Open Source technologies has been on a rise in India as its use has become more strategic for internal usage as well as for client-facing systems. A study states that by 2017, about 90 per cent of Indian IT organizations will have open source software (OSS) embedded in their mission critical platforms. Its benefits are infinite; including cost savings, increased return on investments and reduced total cost of ownership. Having identified these benefits, Marksman Technologies, founded in 2003, took the plunge into this space by staging an impressive account of their Open source capabilities. The dynamic company standout resources provide IT consulting, IT services, web development, mobile apps development,Big data,social media marketing, that also includes verticals like e learning, e commerce and e governance.

Under the leadership of Vishal Bisht, Founder & CEO, the IT development firm has created aniche for itself in the industry within a short span of time.The company’s strong desire of formulating new software applications and developing them with an excellent service quality found its fitting connection in Open source.As an integral part of the Open source movement, Marksman excels in incorporating leading Open source software technologies such as Java, PHP, and Ruby on Rails, Linux, MySQL, Hadoop, Perl and Postgress SQL.
Open source in a compelling way has defined the array of services the company provides, adding expert skills that draw the best of solutions from these communities.Being an active and growing collaborator in Open Source, Marksman is not only driving processes but also strengthening its custom applications designed on top of open source technologies and open source framework.

Expanding the Umbrella of Services
The company gives ample importance to adding new expertise into its roster of services and thus Marksman diligently entered into areas including training, learning, branding, and marketing.
E-learning and E-commerce then became important platforms to showcase their innovative approaches. When working with government and corporate sectors for skill development program, their web based, custom apps came into the forefront. Vishal elucidates, “By using these apps we can manage every step of learning and at the same time learners can also participate more proactively.”
Similarly for the E- commerce vertical Marksman helped vendors having a tough time selling few of their products. Marksman developed a custom E-commerce platform which was apt to attract customers as well as different traders due to its user interface and user. Also, thegamification model used by the company is touted to become a breakthrough in engaging users in a way that has never been done before. In addition, the company is investing in digital marketing, social campaigning for vendors to fit their products perfectly into online marketplaces.

Building a Competitive Workforce
The strong backbone that supports Marksman is its talented workforce. “Our team has always been our asset. During the initial years we were a typical company in a dynamic space. We had questions like how to generate clients, satisfy their needs, how to identify markets? How to deliver better results? We overcame these challenges due to a strong team performance,”reminisces Vishal. Owing to its talented team and its rich industry experience in Open source, the company has achieved numerous accolades. Marks manwas chosen to create the disaster recovery site setup for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s website My The company is now gearing up to gain a stronger foothold in the market with their own products and become a CMM level 3 company. “Our vision is to develop innovative solutions and platforms for everyone,” adds Vishal.