Soham IT Services: Taking Systems Knowledge to the Masses

CIO Vendor As tactical cutting-edge technology becomes a vital need of the hour, big companies are starting to depend greatly on professionals specialized in knowledge services. This phenomenon is starting to reap dividends. Soham IT Services Pvt. Ltd. was formed keeping in mind this rising market trend. Incepted in 2010, in Hyderabad, India, the driving force for the company was the ambition to provide world-class services to the industry, especially to medium and small scale industries. Incidentally, the word ‘Soham’ translates to ‘inception’ in Sanskrit, and in Prasad GL and Satish Kumar, two of the co-founders, they found individuals with vision and passion.
Since Soham IT was foraying into a space which already had several big names, it took the company some time to find a foothold in the industry. Initially, creating an identity was a concern as all the founding members belonged to service sector with entrepreneurial aspirations.
Social networking and em panelling with leading consultancies helped them overcome the initial hiccup. Starting out, Soham IT wanted to tap the e-Gov market which required consultants who understand and provide next generation enterprise solutions for existing IT infrastructures and legacy systems.
Along came more telecom and networking projects which actually suited the core competency of Soham IT’s fledgling team. “As e-Governance became evident and infrastructure needs grew for Govt organizations and large enterprises, Data centres started replacing Network Operations Centres (NOC’s) or IT Room’s earlier. Soham IT has extensive knowledge in this domain and already designed Data centres as part of e-Gov projects,” says Prasad.
Currently, Soham IT concentrates on three core areas - Business and Technical consultancy for e-Governance projects; Designing and building Data Centre and Disaster Recovery sites; and Managing Project Management Units. AS-IS Assessment, Business Process Re-engineering, Capacity Building, creating Governance Models, Project Cost Estimation, Site Planning, Functional Requirement Specifications and Designing & Managing Program Management Units are some of the solutions provided by Soham IT. Talk of what makes Soham IT stand out of the crowd; they aim to make their products and services available and affordable to all, without compromising on the quality. “We are in a space where we are competing with a number of providers varied in sizes. Our goal is to deliver world-class solutions and yet keep the prices low enough to make it commercially feasible for all sections of the industry, with an added emphasis on SMEs,” elucidated Prasad.
What started with five people has now grown to a 15+ organization, in the last five years in the consultancy vertical. The growth in operations has been nothing less than remarkable. During this period, Soham IT has been associated with National Institute of Smart Government (NISG) and contributed to successful implementation of seven e-Gov projects in India. Soham IT has also been working with global consultancy firms such as PwC, PDP Australia, and Avasant LLC for World Bank projects in developing countries.
Over the past five years, Soham IT has created its identity in the market, and for now, consolidation is of prime importance. Looking ahead, the team aims to retain their existing clientele and work on expanding to the e-Gov market in other countries. Prasad signs off by stating his ambition of seeing Soham IT become one of the best IT consulting companies in India.