Unotech Software Solutions: Simplifying the Open Source Technology Puzzle

CIO Vendor With the Open Source technology pervading into corporate IT, enterprises are on the verge of witnessing a fleet footed revolution. As the Open Source technology continues to evolve rapidly, owing to product licensing and other restrictions of proprietary softwares, companies are vexed with the solutions this technology provides. At the same time they want to avoid the huge cost involved in proprietary solutions. Identifying the flexibility and robustness that Open Source technology brings in, Vikash Jha founded Unotech Software Pvt. Ltd, a firm with expertise in the Open Source technology arena. Founded in 2011, Unotech functions with the motto of providing a platform to actively take the Open Source initiative to Indian enterprises.

We love to see our customers satisfied with our work. It gives us the adrenaline rush of ‘Yes, we aredoing it right’.

Considering the superfluity of problems proprietary technologies provide, Unotech rechristened itself as a ‘Problem solver’. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company provides an array of services which encompass operating system, database, middleware, web server, application development as well as solutions such as Identity and Access management (OpenIAM) and Document management solution (DMS).
In addition, the company also provides messaging and collaboration solutions to its clients. The reliable, robust and flexible IT solutions provide organizations with the competitive edge in their day to day operations. Having grown from 5 to 60 employees, over a period of 4 years, the company has earned the honor of working with several esteemed clients such as BSE, Mahindra Finance, Ultratech, Cibil, and Crisil among many others.
“We love to see our customers satisfied with our work. It gives us the adrenaline rush of ‘Yes, we are doing it right’ and helps us become more focused at the job at hand.” adds Vikash Jha. Emphasizing on the organization’s innovative, customer-centric approach, and open and transparent communication, Unotech develops solutions that businesses view as a means to substantiate their market potential. With successful implementation of some of the complex solutions across industries, the company has already testified itself as a leader.
Remembering the hurdles the company faced in its initial days, Vikash recalls, “Until few years back, Open Source was something which CIOs never thought of in their corporate implementations. But, over the years, the perception of Open Source technology being insecure and untrustworthy has been proven false. However, some of the obstacles or (should I say), myths still prevail in the world of enterprise IT." Vikash’s initial working experience with HSBC Group as Lead Enterprise architect enthused him to explore his entrepreneurial grits.
Unotech focuses on its solutions and takes client’s feedback constructively. Vikash adds, “We strive to make Unotech the most customer centric and reliable company that will help our customers stay competitive, increase their business & minimize costs by making the most out of their Open Source implementations.” Providing a fun-loving work environment, the company focuses on personal growth of its employees, while encouraging them to be more creative at the work place. Unotech strives to strike long term business relations as they provide wholesome enterprise IT solutions to their esteemed customers.