Future Framework: Delivering High Quality Business Solutions

CIO Vendor It is increasingly becoming critical for business houses to be at the forefront of their domain and maintain their advantageous position for a long time. Organizations, therefore, must seek ways to streamline their processes that ensure greater efficiency in the system. One of the ways to streamline processes is to build organizational competency around the industry’s leading best practices. Having understood that organizations must build competencies in order to remain competitive, K.S. Franklin founded Future Frameworks IT Services, a global consulting and training solutions provider of IT Service Management, Governance and Project Management best practices. Leveraging his 24 years of work experience in heading IT Service delivery organizations in the area of IT operations, planning, development and project management, Franklin founded the organization that builds innovative and high quality solutions based on clients’ specific needs. Having worked in India and abroad, with his rich experience Franklin is a motivating force for the organization and their customers.Established in 2009, Future Framework has come a long way since its inception by confronting challenges head on since its very beginning. Recalling the initial days of the company, Franklin says, “Providing cost effective high quality solutions on demand and retaining the experienced staff was our biggest challenges.”
But, over a period of time Future Frameworks was able to demonstrate to its customers on long term benefits in engaging with them, their customers realized the value and are extremely happy to provide more and more engagements with them. Since then, the company’s focus was to engage with customers and provide out of box innovative solutions around the best practices which is fit for the specific customer.
Right from its inception, the company has been providing industry accredited training and path-breaking consulting solutions pertaining to IT services, which include IT Service Management (ITSM), ISO/IEC 20000, Information Security Management, Project Management and IT Governance and Control. The company in the knowledge sharing and training space, consistently investing in e-learning to reach out to customers 24x7. Future Frameworks has partnered with esteemed industry bodies globally in the specific areas of the best practices.
Future Frameworks works as a strategic consulting and knowledge partner for few Government organizations, Public sector units and Private sector units in India and across the globe.
The mantra on the consulting front being “ Business – IT Alignment” helped customers build competencies in IT services management area and follow industry best practices. Franklin explains further, “Functioning in a very niche segment of IT process consulting and training, we first prefer executing groundwork for customer’s business challenges and later framing the solution, an approach that builds a strong foundation for all our services.” While working on customer projects, Future Framework gets involved into scrupulous micro-level research and strives to provide solutions which has 360 degrees view of companies’ strength, weakness, and opportunities that lie ahead. Being in the knowledge space, the companies repository and the benchmark figures is immensely helping customers and engage with them in a long term perspective.
The wholesome approach followed by Future Framework has delighted the customers. The Bangalore based company having worked with some of the big wigs in the industry in India and abroad is keen in setting up its own offices in few geographies. In the long run, Future Framework plans to expand its market share by acquiring more clients globally. Franklin further adds, “The company’s prime focus is to make customers successful. We thrive to create meaningful relationships with our customers and to deliver our customers’ success stories.”