Esquare: Embarking upon Open Source Technology

CIO Vendor In order to ensure business agility, companies must choose technologies that are well aligned with their business goals. Open sources technologies, known for their flexibility, cost benefits, and operational efficiency, provide businesses the much needed agility factor for their day-to-day operations. They allow businesses to create new applications quickly, reliably and economically. Eyeing this huge demand, Syed Ahmed along with his five other business partners founded Esquare in August-2010, primarily focusing on delivering its clients the benefits of open source technologies.
Headquartered in Bangalore, Esquare provides to its clients a wide range of services, which includes technology consulting, staffing and placement, web portal design, application development, training, Product, Cloud computing solutions among others.
Well versed in open source technologies, they understand their client requirements and road maps, and it’s only after a thorough ground level research and analysis that they come up with the perfect, cost effective solution. The company boasts of deep expertise in a wide range of open source technologies such as Liferay, android, Drupal, Joomla, HTML5, Phone gap, DotneNuke, and Alfresco.
Resources: the Forte
Recalling his initial hurdlesSyed Ahmed says, “Open source technologies that we started working on is new and niche. Along with that, lack of resources wasone of the hurdles in serving the huge demands from our clients.”
To over-come this problem, the company followed its own “build model” and hired candidates and trained them rigorously. The company firmly believes that its employees are its biggest strength. Seeing triple digit revenue growth within 2 years, the company decided to venture into capturing wider markets, Indian as well as International. And, since then with each passing year Esquare has grown in terms of not just revenue and people but also in terms of their much sought after technical expertise. “We got into different domains such as Business Intelligence, Travel, Health care, Education, APIdevelopment and multiple other technical aspects of business, and also developed products for e-commerce, travel and educational solution,” adds Syed.
Over the years, Esquare has worked on several projects of varied technical complexity and scale. Be it multilingual wiki portals, budget planning and spending applications, Enterprise healthcare portals or meeting scheduler applications, the company has the expertise to deal with any requirement of the client.The company worked with the Malaysian government to develop their traffic management and weather reporting portal. Esquare also developed a security system for the National Panchayat System portal. Apart from working on government projects, Esquarealso provides onsite consulting for some of the renowned names in the industry such as Accenture, Infinite ComputerSolutions, HP, Manthan, Bluestarto name a few.

Vision Ahead
Only 5 years into the business, Esquare has built up an impressive list of privileged clients such as Sify software, Skali, Bookle, Bluestar, HP etc. Going forward, the company is planning to expand into maintenance and support servicesand resources count from 50+ to 200+. The company also plans to diversify the technology offerings by adding ERP and CRM solutions. The company plans to participate in major open source and related business events across the globe, a move aimed at further exploring other business opportunities in the international marketsreducing the TCO without impacting their legacy applications and systems. Hence the punch line Simplifying Open Source. “For our new as well as existing customers, we want to be a one-stop solution and services provider,” concludes Syed. Apart from just earning the money Esquare has also supported social causes, in the coming years they commit on having employees volunteering time for NGO’s as part of Corporate Social Responsibility.