25 Most Promising Financial Consultants

Every developing economy requires a thriving SME and startup sector. The same factor has helped propel the Indian economy into motion as well. However, the financial
eco-system is not yet conducive for upcoming companies and entrepreneurs. The process right from registering a company to the nitty-gritties of keeping the financial books, arranging funds to expanding in international locations is as complex as ever. This is where companies require the assistance of financial advisors. Financial advisors typically provide clients/customers with financial products and services, depending on the licenses they hold and the training they have had. Financial consultants work with clients to develop individualized financial plans for savings, retirement, investments and insurance. The major strengths of Indian financial consulting organizations include professional competence, low cost structure, diverse capabilities, high adaptability and quick learning capability of Indian consultants which results in the fast economic growth of our country. Hence, it is critical for companies to find the right financial consultant that can not only make the process simpler but also yield profits. In a bid to address this issue, the current edition of Consultants Review brings to you \'25 Most Promising Financial Consultants in India\'.

The list features some of the best names in the businesses that are addressing the key pain points in the market and helping small and medium businesses flourish. While some help the grass root level come up to the main stage, some help established companies expand their reach and growth. This list intends to help entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to pick the right consulting partner who suits their specific requirements and helps their enterprise realize greater profits, decrease in operational cost, expansion in customer base and much more.

Company Name Description
Advanced Capability Solutions ACS India The 2008 financial crisis has been a game changer for various industries. Post the meltdown, regulatory bodies across the globe and in all industries fought back by developing stricter regulations.
Ajcon Global Services During the early eighties, at the height of license Raj in India, very few could muster up the courage to dwell into the ether world of establishing a small scale industry. Rigid government policies caused delays in getting land allotments, SSI registrations, Pollution Board Certificates, term loan sanctions, subsidy sanction and disbursements etc.
Alamak Capital It is no hidden fact that a CFO is critical for a company's growth and smooth operations. However, a large number of corporates are unable to either afford or find a full time quality CFO of stature to handle their complex business needs.
Balwinder Associates Imagine a child who has a red lens fitted in his eye. He grows up seeing the world in the color red. He can see people describing other colors, but he is convinced that for him only red is sufficient. He is scared of change and even resists it adamantly.
Bridge Investment Advisors Every business is unique and has its own set of challenges. Therefore, the solutions required to overcome these challenges cannot be generic. However, the financial industry is suffering with issues. Sales executives usually have to push new products to clients to meet their sales targets.
DJ Accountants In 2013, Piyush Jain, an entrepreneur at heart and a sound financial adviser made his journey back to India after having done a certification of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), which is a UK qualification from Singapore.
EPIC Research Before the shock waves of the global financial crisis of 2008 reached Indian shores; when hardly anyone regarded it as a big threat to the catapulting Indian bull, a newly formed stock broking and consulting company from Indore took it seriously and advised investors to book profits and liquidate their portfolio.
Margin S View Every organization today strives to be a profitable one. However, emerging companies lack the internal expertise which could help them maintain and sustain the kind of growth that they seek."Such organizations require better processes, procedures, financial decision making and business insights to increase their profitability," explains Sonali Tipre,
MyFin Advisor Imagine there being a money plant in your garden. You know that without special nurturing and care, you can't help it flourish. You know that once the plant flourishes, it will bear fruits by the second half of your life.
Pantomath Advisory Services A holistic approach is an indisputable part of medical sciences. When a patient suffers from an ailment, the focus should be on all aspects of his life, not just on the symptoms of depression and how to alleviate or get rid of them.
Phinnacle While presenting the Budget for 2014 Arun Jaitley emphasised on the important role played by entrepreneurs in the growth of an economy. The change in the government's outlook towards start-ups emphasises that entrepreneurs are a critical vehicle for driving job creation and economic growth in a developing country.
Satin Credit Care Network Limited SCNL Any country's economy thrives where there is inclusive growth. It is thus essential for any economy's success to not just have big businesses thrive but also have small businesses doing well. However, small business owners face serious trust deficit by mainstream banking and financial institutions.
Transjovan Capital While going for advice, we all want to put our trust in Subject Matter Experts. The same is true in case of companies looking for financial advice. "Most companies would want a McKinsey or BCG to advice them.
Vantage Management Consultants A business is very similar to a growing child that needs constant parenting. The way a guardian must mould his parenting style as the child grows up, businesses also need to be handled differently at different stages.
Verve Financial S Each generation has its success stories. During the end days of Licence Raj, landing a job at a bank was a success story. 15 years ago at the helm of software revolution, an opportunity of working in Infosys was termed as a success.