DJ Accountants: Bringing Globalized Financial Services to India

CIO Vendor In 2013, Piyush Jain, an entrepreneur at heart and a sound financial adviser made his journey back to India after having done a certification of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), which is a UK qualification from Singapore.

"On looking at the Indian market closely I realized that several small and medium sized companies were not able to keep their account books up to date. They were also not aware about auditing," explains Piyush.

"Some companies confused account book keeping with auditing," he adds. Having understood this gap in the market, the young entrepreneur founded DJ Accounts, a financial advisory that helps clients make sense of their accounts and taxes. Headquartered in Indore, the company believes in helping businesses by taking care of their finances.

Finance is extremely important for the growth of any business. Not only does it bring business visibility but also enhances a company's decision making abilities.

Bringing Globalized Financial Services to India

The company provides services such as accounts outsourcing, auditing services, tax advisory & planning services, company formation in India services and other customized financial services.

Piyush has toiled to build a dedicated team of qualified professionals who cater to a client's financial worries so that they can wholeheartedly concentrate on their core business needs.

In today's globalized world, several businesses are looking to expand globally. For doing the same, they require a financial advisor who has an in-depth knowledge about International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

However, most CAs in India are adept with Indian requirements but not with international finance. This is where DJ Accounts has an upper hand as Piyush has a specialization in IFRS from the United Kingdom. "Our intent is to help small and medium sized companies grow beyond Indian borders," he adds. The company has gained a stronghold in the northern region of India but is geared up for a pan India growth in the years to come.