Margin's view: Helping Improve Profit Margins

CIO Vendor Every organization today strives to be a profitable one. However, emerging companies lack the internal expertise which could help them maintain and sustain the kind of growth that they seek.

"Such organizations require better processes, procedures, financial decision making and business insights to increase their profitability," explains Sonali Tipre, Director of Margin's view, a business & financial management consulting firm. This young firm is focused on helping clients identify areas of profitability, making more of it faster and sustaining growth longer. "We enable organizations become financially robust," Sonali adds. It has catered to over 100-120 businesses, who have benefited exponentially by its services since the inception in 2006.

The firm has also built an innovative proprietary diagnostic tool, Margin's Reveal, which does an in-depth analysis of the company's key performance parameters& their processes, to pinpoint the base problem areas. 80% of the companies according to Sonali, have incorrect perceptions about their profit zones.

"The major area of concern is that companies rarely conduct profit analytics. They are unaware of where they make money and where they are losing it. The fact is that majority of the profit is lost due to non-profit giving customers, thus making the company realise only left over profits.
There is a huge scope for profit improvement � even with reduction in prices" With the help of this in-house diagnostic tool Margin's Reveal, clients can further gain insights for designing focused cost optimisation & efficiency building programs, define the value addition that can achieved and use this data for performance management systems and financial re-structuring.

Apart from helping companies gain improved profitability, Margin's view is also focused on implementation and results.

Helping Improve Profit Margins

Sonali explains, "While many consulting outfits just provide advise and shy away from implementing it, we at Margin's view believe that any advice is no good until it is implemented in a time bound manner."
A large number of Margin's clients have been family owned businesses that want to transform themselves into professional organizations with a modern way of working, but are clueless due to the complications involved, including its implementation."90 percent of family owned businesses are growing companies, that have a set of loyal people managing the work, but who lack the relevant expertise and techniques. This is where we step in," says Sonali. The firm helps such organizations break away from the shackles of traditional style of working and handhold them become more efficient and profitable. Besides enabling profit maximisation, Margin's view also helps organizations identify and plug leakages in profit. With its forensic audit practise and litigation support through well equipped partners, it has successfully audited many organizations and supported them thereafter with improved systems and procedures.
This dynamic firm also emphasizes on its sincerity towards work. "If you ask any of our clients, they will unequivocally agree that we provide an extremely sincere, implementable and result oriented approach � which is our USP." beams Sonali.
With offices in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Margin�sview further wants to consolidate its position and open offices in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Kolkata. In an unusual move, Sonali who is also an experienced educator senses a huge skill gap and wants to expand into the edutainment sector.
The envisioned production company will have educational material with an entertainment value. Knowing Margin's view's single-minded focus on quality and sincerity towards work, the question isn't how will it, but how high will it fly.