EPIC Research: Going Beyond Raw News, Hunch and Emotions in Trading

CIO Vendor Before the shockwaves of the global financial crisis of 2008 reached Indian shores; when hardly anyone regarded it as a big threat to the catapulting Indian bull, a newly formed stock broking and consulting company from Indore took it seriously and advised investors to book profits and liquidate their portfolio. However, resembling the fate of the Greek goddess Cassandra, who had the gift of foretelling the future but also the curse of everyone disbelieving her, no one took their advice seriously. "None of our advice was considered since investors thought we were advising for increasing turnover and brokerage, but when the big fall came in market and investors were facing huge losses, they realized the value of our advice," adds Mustafa Nadeem, CEO, Epic research.

But the world of finance has learnt from its mistake and today Epic Research is a leading name in financial consultancy."Since then we decided to dedicate ourselves to full time advisory whereby we can convert ordinary traders into professional traders who understand markets and know how to manage their portfolio and do proper risk management." Says Mustafa . The dynamic company now caters to Institutional and Retail investors by providing them with recommendations in equities commodities forex segment. The company has created various services based on customer investment amount, exposure to market, frequency of trading and most important Risk Profiling.
The team at Epic,analyzes customers on these parameters and provides them with services such as Stock cash Premium Stock Cash/Positional cash. Apart from these retail services, the company also provides fundamental research to institutions.

Going Beyond Raw News, Hunch and Emotions in Trading

With a strong Pan India presence along with a clientele in Singapore, Malaysia, USA , Australia and Middle east, the company is growing rapidly today.

In an industry where the uninitiated could end up taking decisions on raw news, emotions or even a hunch, Epic Research with its team of experienced market professionals who have seen various phases of market and have deep knowledge on technical and fundamental studies, steps in with a dose of rational and reasoned approach.

"We provide a retail intraday trader with trading recommendations which is backed by proper levels, risk is managed and earning opportunity is high. In past we have provided more than 80% accuracy in our recommendations," explains Mustafa.

With Epic, clients have access to proper entry level and profit booking level. In case their recommendation is not working as per expectation then they have a stop loss level to book minimal losses and exit the position. Hence, traders now have a researched and justified direction to trade in. Their capital is safe from any adverse movement and also they can take benefit out of studies conducted by experts of the field.

In the initial years though, the company faced problems in setting up the infrastructure and finding and retaining the talent in a city like Indore. Having overcome those hurdles, the team's eyes are now only set on the future. Epic research sees their future in diversifying and catering to the research needs of financial institutions and SME's.

Spreading their wings further, the company aims to be the go to company for research for institutional clients such as Banks, Mutual funds and insurance companies.