Pantomath Advisory Services: Fastest Growing Merchant Banker with a Holistic Approach to Finance

CIO Vendor A holistic approach is an indisputable part of medical sciences. When a patient suffers from an ailment, the focus should be on all aspects of his life, not just on the symptoms of depression and how to alleviate or get rid of them."The same applies to the health of an organization and its business model," says Mahavir Lunawat, Founder, Pantomath Advisory Services, a provider of integrated services (business, financial and corporate advisory) to large enterprises and SMEs. Madhu Lunawat, Executive Director who heads the Merchant Banking team adds,"SME's in India have to encounter complex issues related and interrelated with Finance, Tax, Legal and other areas".
Mr. B Chandra sekaran, Director remarked,"Need of the hour for SMEs is a complete business consultancy that can help them with a complete hand-holding experience and yet, be affordable."

Pantomath, which started its operations in 2013, obtained Category I Merchant Banking License from SEBI and started focusing on newly launched SME Exchanges as growth platforms for SMEs. Pantomath realized that they had to overcome challenges faced by them such as confidentiality issues, takeover threat, valuation and pricing methods, compliance risks, costs and the like. Moreover,they grasped that there was no structured manner in which SMEs can be contacted and counseled. Pantomath thus unleashed several initiatives for promoting capital market platform for SMEs so that a sustainable platform can be provided. "We have taken it up as a market development initiative rather than abusiness development initiative," says Mahavir.
Since its inception Pantomath has positioned itself as a thought leader in the SME space. The forward looking company undertakes numerous initiatives including conducting SME seminars alongwith industry houses, research publications, website, videos etc.

Fastest Growing Merchant Banker with a Holistic Approach to Finance

"We do not limit ourselves to just SMEs but also cater to large companies that may require a specialized service, albeit from a holistic perspective," adds Mahavir. The Company helps big corporations with Assurance & Risk Management, Due Diligence and Audits, Management Systems and Advisory among others. Some of the esteemed corporates Pantomath serves include Hindustan Unilever Limited, Crompton Greaves Limited, SBI General Insurance Company Limited, MotilalOswal Group, Kalpataru Group etc.

Pantomath is the fastest growing merchant banker with managing maximum value of SME IPOs in the current year.

Thought Leadership
•Developed Pantomath SMEX-30, a first of its kind of index of SME scrips
•Online initiatives : websites on SME IPOs and Doing Business in India
•Developed corporate film along with BSE on SME IPO & Listing
•Organises seminars and workshops on vital business subjects across the
•Views and columns in print, online, electronic media
•Represent on expert committees of SEBI, BSE, ICSI and AIBI
•The first and only merchant banker which have lead managed SME IPOs on
both BSE and NSE
•Lead managed the biggest SME IPO of Rs. 43 Crore
•Lead managed maximum SME IPOs (value terms)

Pantomath has been instrumental in listing some of the most outstanding businesses on SME Exchanges in India. Recently, the company lead managed the biggest IPO on Indian SMEexchange (Momai Apparels Ltd)."We were awarded as the 'Top Five Performer Merchant Banker at BSE (2013-14)'," says Mahavir. Pantomath Group has also developed a unique and first of its kind of SME index: PANTOMATH SMEX-30 that captures price movement of selected 30 SME scrips listed on SME platforms of BSE and NSE. The index is available on