MyFin Advisor: Helping Cultivate Your Money Plant

CIO Vendor Imagine there being a money plant in your garden. You know that without special nurturing and care, you can't help it flourish. You know that once the plant flourishes, it will bear fruits by the second half of your life. But you don't have the expertise or the huge amounts of money spent by corporates to nurture it. You are apprehensive of doing it yourself since you have seen other individual plants wither and die due to improper care. This is where myFin Advisor steps in. "Insurance companies and other concerns are marketing financial planning services that may be too expensive for an individual. myFin Advisor uses economical options in the market like Equity, Debt, Bullion, Insurances, Loans and Real Estate," adds Peeyoosh Agrawal, Managing Partner and Co-founder of myFin Advisor. This Gurgaon headquartered company's objective is to become a 'Family Wealth Manager'.
Founded in 2011, the company offers end-to-end financial services right from planning to execution of the planning. Armed with exposure to all the financial instruments, to help the client with, from equity, debt to Insurance, real estate, the company has helped several clients through their advisory services that are purely goal-based and have nothing to do with trading ideas.Apart from catering to the local market the company also assists several NRI clients. "When an NRI plans to return to India, there should be some room for his future shelter here� that should be kept in mind," says Peeyoosh. In terms of corporates, myFin offers Insurances and Funding � loans and venture capitalists and advices on where to invest the corpus that theyhave.
In an evolving market like India there are no fixed sure shot areas to invest. Investment plans are dependent upon several factors, namely, age of the investor, amount he spends and earns, number of people dependent on him, and many more.

Helping Cultivate Your Money Plant

Once myFin's team has all the necessary information in place, they can plan an investment strategy that revolves around all the major financial investment instruments � Equity, Debt, Bullion, Insurances, Loans and Real Estate.

Three years back when Peeyoosh decided to venture in the field of online financial and investment advisory services, it was still in its infancy. But finance and entrepreneurship being his passion, coupled with seeing an opportunity in personal finances, he decided to take a leap of faith.

Fighting against the recession, along with his team of experts he took the company to new heights of success. He found an unexpected ally as well. �Media was at the top to spread awareness of the importance of personal finance.

This made our lives a bit easier,� adds Peeyoosh. Facebook marketing, blogs, banners and posters across websites and an excellent PR assisted the company�s growth.

And yet they believe that 'old fashioned', orthodox goal based planning is myFin's forte. The company' score is these service and quality of advices that it gives to its clients. They revel in being a value driven organisation with emphasis on customer focus. The business model ensures that the customers pay only a fraction for availing the quality services offered by myFin Advisor. In this dynamic, complicated and even alien world of wealth management for the layman customers, a little bit of old fashion is exactly what is required.

Peeyoosh Agrawal, Managing Partner and Co-founder
With his energetic personality and dedicated approach, Peeyosh Agrawal is the soul behind myFin advisor. Starting his career as a consultant in 2001, he has come a long way in establishing one of the fastest growing personal finance consultancy in India.