Vantage Management Consultants: Building an Organization's Internal Vitality

CIO Vendor A business is very similar to a growing child that needs constant parenting. The way a guardian must mould his parenting style as the child grows up, businesses also need to be handled differently at different stages."The approach to managing business operations is one of the major challenges faced by companies today. In the early days, a business is managed in an ad-hoc manner, which might result in an inefficient or unsystematic way of functioning," explains T R Shankar, the Co-Founder of Vantage Management Consulting, a management and financial consulting firm. The founding team understands the problems plaguing upcoming businesses and thus functions on the core belief that these business entities need to transform themselves from merely running the business to managing the business successfully. "Small and medium businesses must build 'internal vitality' to perform better, sustain and grow. This is where Vanatge's vast experience comes in," adds Manjula Kannan, the other half of the founding team. Vantage has a strong foundation which rests on Shankar and Manjula's vast corporate experience. "While working with ITC's senior management our perspectives widened beyond the finance functional domain, and into business performance management, management systems, business planning, and unit operations management," says Shankar.

An organization's success is affected by internal and external factors. But most importantly a business must be strong at its core to remain profitable. With this in mind Vantage provides various consulting services, that comprise of business diagnostics, solutions support, and training and specialist services.
Under business diagnostic they have financial diagnostics, functional diagnostic and management diagnostic services. How to strengthen the internal vitality? What is the organization strength? Are there any weakness? Are there any issues with the growth? Can the organization sustain? Are they efficient? Vantage provides solutions for all the questions.

Building an Organization's Internal Vitality

For an organisation which has already identified its intervention, the company provides consultancy services for the specific areas. Illustratively, this could include financial re-engineering, business plan and budgets, organisational planning, functional policies and systems, cost management, business performance management systems, management information systems, employee performance management systems, governance process.

Vantage has evolved a number of unique training programmes which address specific needs such as parenting an organisation; Organisation brand building; Enhancing employee productivity; Managerial effectiveness; Finance for owner managers; Finance for non-finance executives and Soft skills training.

Owing to the company's superlative services and deep industry experience, Vantage has built a roster of satisfied clients."The key value that adds to the clients is 'strengthened internal vitality' which helps organisations to sustain in the long term, achieve their true potential and grow' Shankar explains.

Client acquisition in the consulting industry is almost always a word of mouth phenomenon. Therefore, adding value and enabling superior performance is a must.

The company has tasted success in a short span and is geared up for further growth. The industry segment that it is operating under is very large and is present only in one metro. There are countless organisations in the tier 2 & non-metro cities which are under serviced. Vantage is keen to make its presence felt in tier 2 cities.

"We also believe that the healthcare industry will soon discover the imperative to seek cost and process competitiveness and with our background in healthcare consulting, we see significant hope to add value," adds Shankar. With their success, innovative ideas and the idea of expansion over the country, the company is heading towards greater heights.