Balwinder & Associates: Aiding Businesses See the World through Different Lens

CIO Vendor Imagine a child who has a red lens fitted in his eye. He grows up seeing the world in the color red. He can see people describing other colors, but he is convinced that for him only red is sufficient. He is scared of change and even resists it adamantly. Then someone comes along who with small steps, assists the child in seeing the world with a new set of lens where other colors also exist. And now empowered, the child can see things farther and clearer than ever. This parable might sound out-of-place but when Balwinder Singh, founder of Balwinder & Associates entered the consulting business, he faced similar challenges. He explains, "The biggest challenges being faced by clients were global competition, poor cost controls, inefficiency in processes & production, lack of vision towards growth, family owned old style managements, unwillingness to accept and implement changes." The firm on its part helped businesses see things in a different perspective and bring about change without shaking the core beliefs and maintaining harmony between the workers and the management.

During the initial stages, the company struggled due to lack of opportunities in the core field of its expertise since the businesses were not willing to take risks and were not open to change. After a few pilot projects where the firm helped several businesses shred their old lens i.e helped them beat the slowdown, improve margins and re-invent the business; slowly their acceptance grew, which in turn helped them attract more like minded professionals spurring further growth.

Aiding Businesses See the World through Different Lens

But Balwinder Singh contends that ever since its inception in 1997, the company's philosophy which drives the organisation is of giving back to the society and contributes constructively towards building a strong foundation for India by helping local businesses grow and compete in the global arena.

"This vision has been my driving force and reason for many successes achieved. Today, many of those businesses have achieved a significant turnover mark with efficient functioning styles and well diversified fields," expounds Balwinder.

The firm that now has offices in Mohali, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Lucknow, Jaipur and Kolkata specializes in identifying new areas of growth and improving the current state of affairs by cost reduction, implementation of new technologies, innovation and re-engineering, specializing in "Setting up of Efficient Control over Accounting & Finance Functions".

Armed with its vast reach and pool of professionals having expertise in cost management & control, project appraisal & management, corporate laws and taxation laws, the firm has carved a niche for itself in the market. It is also backed by able key management personnel and modern day infrastructure.

Aimed at assisting others see through new lens, the firm always ensures that its own lens never becomes rigid. "Our key personnel are constantly honing their skills and are members of various bodies and forums where they express and share their views on a regular basis," he adds.

Having built a stronghold in Indian cities such as Mohali, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow and Kolkata, the firm now aspires to expand its presence in more locations, both nationally and internationally by way of tie ups, networking and mergers.