Bridge Investment Advisors: Providing Personalized Financial Services

CIO Vendor Every business is unique and has its own set of challenges. Therefore, the solutions required to overcome these challenges cannot be generic. However, the financial industry is suffering with issues. Sales executives usually have to push new products to clients to meet their sales targets. This does not help businesses at all since they require personalization of services. Having understood this loophole in the industry, Anirudh Dar founded Bridge Investment Advisors Private Limited, a boutique financial planning and advisory firm set up to help individuals and families achieve their financial aspirations.

As luck would have it, Bridge Investment Advisors came into being when Anirudh's previous employer decided to shut shop in India. However, this just propelled the team to fight against the tide and set up an organization where clients would be at the center of everything. The dedicated team managed to gather all the necessary requirements such as office space, licenses etc in a short span of time and started its services. The company's strong relationship with its clients is crystal clear from Anirudh's words, "Our biggest strength was our clients who gave us the confidence to set Bridge up. They backed us all the way when Bridge was just an idea."
The company has today been successful in building a model that works with its clients' interest at the center.In addition to offering comprehensive financial planning, which is the company's core offering;
Bridge also offers investment advisory in the capital markets and helps clients to invest in the Indian mutual funds universe, portfolio management services, structured products, and private equity products as well as corporate fixed deposits and bonds.

Providing Personalized Financial Services

The association of Bridge Investment Advisors, with two of the largest international property consultants in India helps their clients to make real estate investments not only across all of India but also in cities internationally. Bridge also offers mortgage services from all leading banks and non banking finance companies.

The company has made personalization of advisory services as its forte. "We understand each aspect of our clients' lives by understanding their financial dreams and aspirations and then by helping them get achieve their goals with a systematic and a concise financial plan and a robust investment philosophy," explains Anirudh.

The company has a Certified Financial Planner who creates detailed financial plans for its clients and then sits with the individual advisor to understand the client risk quotient and then with the help of the Product Manager, creates the right blend of portfolio taking into account a proper asset allocation and time horizon for them.

This level of detailing helps build a personal relationship with the company�s clients and gives Bridge a very clear vision on what needs to be done for each client and their families. "It is no wonder that almost 90% of all our clients have both partners making investments through us," Anirudh adds.

Bridge offers its clients personalised access to view their investments online through its website, Bridge is currently testing the ability to offer the online sale and purchase of mutual funds to the clients, in the virtual world. The company is based in Gurgaon in the Delhi NCR region and aims to be a trailblazer in financial services with its vision of unprejudiced consulting. The company wants to expand their branches to core metro cities and some Tier 2 cities.