Verve Financial's Helping Businesses Develop Operationally and Financially

CIO Vendor Each generation has its success stories. During the end days of Licence Raj, landing a job at a bank was a success story. 15 years ago at the helm of software revolution, an opportunity of working in Infosys was termed as a success. "But today people's aspirations have changed. They want to build their own businesses and create their own success. With entrepreneurship on a rise in India, these are highly exciting times. We realize this burning passion and this is where we step in," contends L. Charles, Founder of Verve India, a financial consulting firm offering a host of services including capital syndication services, financial advisory, tax advisory and technology services for medium sized and large businesses in India. Verve Financials has built India, a website that is aimed at helping entrepreneurs and small business owners start, manage and grow their business with peace of mind at an affordable price."We incorporate at least 7 to 8 companies every single day. And we now consult to a large number of start-ups. We have a base of close to 700+ start-ups clients acquired just over the past one year," adds Lionel Charles, Founder & CEO of India

Verve Financials had its humble beginnings almost three decades ago in a small town called Rajyapalam, near Madhurai.,
Seeing an opportunity in the local textile industry, and having acquired experience while working in the banking sector, L. Charles, a Chartered Accountant build his own company. Verve made debts syndication and sick industry revival its forte and today has a robust database of clients in the textile industry in South India.

Helping Businesses Develop Operationally and Financially

Evolving with Time
It is often said that staying on top is more difficult than getting there. This is what Lionel Charles grasped immediately as he started walking in his father's shoes in 2013. "When my father was running the business the challenge was sustaining growth. From 2001-2010 there was a lot of liquidity in the market. The challenge was to maintain the high growth levels and for many of my father's clients who used to be small time paper traders are now paper mill owners. Everybody grew exponentially. Now, partially due to the liquidity crunch the challenge is to maintain those levels," he explains.
After taking over, Lionel overturned the way business was done. Hard work was replaced by smart work. He inducted new technologies, everything now was software driven and most importantly he ushered in a new way of thinking. The company has a unique model, akin to an airline model, wherein there are both business class as well as economy class facilities."Unlike most of our competitors, we do not cater to the high end market. We are very technology intensive so we can handle volumes at scale. We do it in a very efficient way. All our company incorporations are done by 3 or 4 professionals. In that sense we are technology oriented to make the process very efficient," explains Lionel about the company's differentiating factors. A testament to the company's prowess is the fact that won The Red Herring Award, Asia 2014 for the fastest growing technology firm in Asia. Apart from this, Verve's advisory business has today syndicated well over a billion dollar of capital (Rs.6,000 crores) for business."We will continue to develop technologies which will help us cater to their regulatory requirements at scale," adds Lionel. With their client base extending beyond Indian borders, the company is just taking off.