25 Most Promising Real Estate Consultants - 2015

Real estate in India has always been one of the major sector contributing to the country’s  economy. During  the past decade , the India realestate market witnessed major ups and downs owing to the mounting prices  of properties and delayed construction by the developers. On the other hand the property buyers are often found  unsure of their decisions to invest in property due to innumerable factors . thus there remains a need  of knowledge upgrade for the real estate buyers.  In many cases the buyers need assistance while choosing the right property , eight location and the associated factor such as documentation. In such Instances what seems beneficial is the support from real estate consultants who hold in depth Knowledge  of all the factor that a buyers should be aware of . these consultants are professionals, who holds first hand details residential and commercial properties being developed in or around the areas they operate in. however for real estate buyers it’s  essential  to recognize the most appropriate  consulting companies has also increased making it a competitive space. They don’t just bring the most updated information about properties but also the right piece of advice for profitable investiments.

The Issue of ConsultantsReview List 25 Most Promising Real Estate Consultants in India who have been extending consistent support  for the property buyers and  sellers. These consulting hold in  - depth knowledge of the intends to benefits the Individual and businesses  seeking to deal in real estate.

Company Name Description
AAD Realty A firm that offers services in real estate transaction advisory - sales, purchase, real estate market research, real estate feasibility studies.
Across Beyond Development Consultancy A company that offers services from conception to completion of large development projects in the verticals of residential, commercial, hospitality & mixed use real estate.
Affordable Infrastructure Housing Projects A firm that ofers customization of interiors, documentation assistance, facility management.
Agarwal Estates A consultancy providing real estate investments, buying/selling/renting, property and tenant management, home loans, home decors/interiors, and allied services.
Bluestone Partners A firm that specializes in commercial leasing and commercial property investments.
Certes Realty A strategic consulting division which works on project strategy and execution, including capital and financing of projects.
Fourth Dimension A consultancy providing Real Estate Advisory, Finance and Business Planning services.
HBS Realtors A company engaged in the business of developing landmark spaces covering residential, commercial, retail, Industrial parks and special economic zones.
HDFC Realty A firm offering commercial real estate services, consulting & valuations, retail services and project management services.
Home Raga An organization offering premium real estate solutions across sales, rentals, property management and expat housing.
Lakshmi Balaji Realty A company offering industrial real estate services, warehouse rentals, residential joint development.
Lanar Realtors A one stop destination for all kinds of real estate consulting arms of business, with a focus on delivering high quality services.
Mark Estates A company offering real estate advisory services to diplomatic missions, individuals seeking residential, commercial and retail real estate.
MNRealtors A company offering buying, selling and leasing of houses, bungalows, apartments, showrooms, office spaces, etc.
Praneeth Group A company focusing on building up of malls and multiplex, raised the name in terms of commercial construction.
Prime LifeSpace Consultancy A real estate advisory and development firm offering solutions from marketing or transfer of property to leasing of commercial and residential properties.
Pro Realty Gains The company offers a range of services including residential property investment/ secondary market transaction & leasing and property management.
Quantum ProjectInfra An organization that offers project management, development management, project development advisory, real estate advisory serives.
Remax A company that offers services like real estate brokerage, real estate franchising, entrepreneurial opportunities, etc.
SAHA Groupe A firm that provides first-in-class residential and commercial projects that are both luxurious as well as sustainable.
Space Management A one-stop real estate consultancy providing corporate office spaces and employee accommodation solutions with end-to-end support.
The Arora Group A real estate company offering agency services, advisory services, allied services, management services, financial services, etc.
Tridhaatu Realty Infra A company focused on developing signature real estate properties with a range of residential, office and industrial projects.
way2wealth Realty Advisors An advisory firm that offers property advisory, loans, property insurance, documentation & legal clearance.
Yahvi Home Solutions The company analyzes its client’s requirements, suggesting them with the properties which suit their necessities and helping them with the agreement and registration related in the process.