Agarwal Estates: Aspires for Transparency in the Indian Real Estate Industry

CIO Vendor The real estate industry has been witnessing a boom with the rising graph of Indian economy. In the recent past, the numbers of property seekers have exponentially increased resulting in the consequential increase in property projects. This has led real estate consultants to make money in all possible ways. While consultancies kept registering high profits, buyers on the other hand were dismayed with doubt and confusion where cost and documentation were involved in the transactions. Manoj Agarwal, an NRI and ex CISCO employee experienced the same after returning to India.

In 2010, Manoj began his search for a house and soon discovered the lack of transparency prevailing in the Indian real estate industry. After significant research, he observed that the process of buying property is bothersome in India. In pursuit to simplify the process and bring transparency and clarity for the buyers, he founded Agarwal Estatesin 2013. “Manoj’s primary objective was to bring about a paradigm shift in the industry, and bring a transparent platform for the property buyers as well as sellers", informs Dr. Sushil Agarwal, one of the Directors at Agarwal Estates.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Agarwal Estates has branches in the US and Guwahati and is presently lead by Manoj Agarwal, the founder and Managing Director. Agarwal Estates believes in empowering customers to make informed decisions. “We desire to bring transparency in the real estate market by injecting trust, clarity and world class processes in our services,” adds Pawan Sharma, another Director at Agarwal Estates.

Agarwal Estates, a one-stop, all solutions – real estate service provider, has expertise in varied aspects of real estate business such as, real estate
investments, buying, selling, renting, property and tenant management, home loans, home decors and interiors and more. In addition, the enterprise offers allied services such as property tax, khata, electric meter transfer, painting, carpentry to name a few.

Bidding adieu to a stable job and choosing real estate business was a courageous step which ensured enormous challenge for Manoj.“Acquisition of clients was a hard task for us but fortunately we started out well and focused on building our client base gradually through recommendations and referrals,” he informs. "Transparency is our secret -ingredient that kept attracting customers. While other players used to quote astronomical figures, Agarwal Estates portrayed the lucid view of documents and quotes apposite price to the buyers. We run customer empowerment and awareness programs as well, besides providing all sorts of information required to our clients that enables them to make decisions with much ease and belief,” expounds Prema Agarwal – Co-Founder. Keeping customers updated with detailed information, the entity enlightens them with various facts relating to home loans and other significant facets too.

Keeping customers updated with detailed information, Agarwal Estates enlightens them with various facts relating to home loans and other significant facets too

“Working to Redefine Trust in the real estate services industry, our company is presently catering services to individuals only. Our vision is to change the perception of the real estate business that currently exists in the country. We emphasize on three main areas including transparency, customer awareness programs and the quality of work delivered,” EshaKarda, Sr. Consultant, adds. Determined to eradicate distrust prevailing in the realm of real estate business, Manoj and his team is continuing their uphill task to bring a revolution that they have dreamt of. Currently, the company is focusing on the upcoming projects in Bangalore and looking forward to grow by 25 percent in the next three years with its innovative initiative "All We Need is Your Autograph!"