Pro Realty Gains: Building Trust in the Indian Realty Sector

“First thing which comes to each and every customer’s mind is trust,” says Sumit Mishra, Director, Pro Realty Gains (P) Ltd. It was back in the year 2010, when he and Jitendra Gupta together founded the consultancy to bring forth a transparent view of the real estate sector and to gratify their customers with the best possible solutions. The duo strives for the betterment of the real estate market by delivering a pragmatic view of the pros and cons related to the dealings carried out.

Sustaining in the industry requires a lot of hard work and endurance and Pro Realty have managed to continue its journey over the last five years by rendering high-end solutions

It was during the last decade when the real estate sector experienced a growth with the boom in the Indian fiscal system. On the other hand few of the realty consultants applied tricky processes to earn extra. As a consequence there was a decrease in the transparency level of realty business and an untrustworthy mindset grew among buyers. Trying to eradicate such thoughts and to bring back the reliability in the space, the duo has been working hard for the past five years. While defining their beginning days Jitendra says, “Many key players were settled in the market five years back. Getting into that space and making a name for ourselves was a big challenge for us.” However, offering a range of services including residential property investment/ secondary market transaction & leasing, commercial property investment/ secondary market transaction & leasing and property management, the consultancy has already gained a strong position in the market.
Harboring Trust
Trust – one of the most valuable words in the human world holds the same importance in the realty business as well. Middlemen working in this sector often mislead buyers with forged details leaving a questionable situation for many property seekers. Citing this ongoing fraudulent practice in the realty sector, Jitendra explains, “There is a huge amount of money involved and it is not easy to give that money to a stranger to invest.
CIO Vendor So, we wanted our customer to feel safe that their hard earned money was in safe hand. Our knowledge and market presence has helped us in gaining that trust.”
Holding a strong foothold in the sphere of real estate business, the company delivers timely and transparent advice on real estate propositions with accurate paper work and affordable cost. In addition to this it publishes quarterly magazine providing valuable information to its subscribed clients. “We also deliver end-to-end services and help in liquidating property as and when required,” adds Sumit. Delivering all these services with expertise brings them goodwill along with big clients naming Bharti Walmart, Qualcomm, Wipro, Beetel, Reliance Retail Ltd., Ariba India, Jaycee AutoFab Pvt Ltd, Genpact, Whirlpool and many more.
Sustaining in the industry requires a lot of hard work and endurance and Pro Realty has managed to continue its journey over the last five years by working on the same. “We are still struggling and we are aiming high to be much better as per our customer’s requirement. We are young, enthusiastic and we have an urge to be one of the best consulting firms,” adds Sumit. The enterprise is now venturing into newer consulting businesses including human resource consulting. Stepping ahead with a plan to be double in size by next year the company is opening branches in other cities where there is scope of development along with entering into e-commerce application providing end-to-end solutions for selling or leasing.