25 Most Promising IP, Copyright, Patent & Trademark Consultants

In today's electronic world, an organization's intellectual property is sometimes its biggest asset. Much time and money can be saved, and frustration and litigation avoided if company policy dictates ownership and use of intellectual property. An organization that owns IP knows and understands the value of its various services, like, provision of goods and services to the customers, either utilizing it internally or sharing it externally. A recent rise of public offering, litigations, high-profile mergers and acquisition has pushed IP to be in an increasingly critical position in global economics. Hence, the changes in the global economic environment have led to the development of business models, IP being the central element establishing value and potential growth. As a result, the protection of IP of an organization has become one of the key elements towards its success.

IP as an asset is categorized as copyright, trademarks, patents and trade secrets. Hence, each distinctive type is important in its own way. Any industry or business, whether traditional or modern, regardless of what product or service it produces or provides,  is  likely  to  regularly use intellectual property to prevent others from encroaching on its due reward  or  taking  advantage  of  its goodwill  in  the  market  place. For this they require professional help that can assist them with identifying, protecting, and managing its intellectual property assets. However, obtaining such protective rights is no less than a challenge as it prevents replication by potential competitors. Hence, it is important to seek consultation services related to protection of IP rights.

Identifying these requirements of the organizations, we at Consultants Review magazine brings to you a list of ‘25 Most Promising IP, Copyright, Patent & Trademark Consultants’. The list features some of the prominent consultants in the industry who are capable of helping clients by catering to their IP-related issues in a cost and time-effective manner. The proposed list aims to help entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to choose their felicitous consulting partners, who suit their specific requirements and help their enterprise, devise strategies to safeguard innovation, build brand value and provide full-scale legal assistance in protecting their intellectual property rights.

Company Name Description
Altacit Global Altacit Global is a prominent southern boutique with a well-recognised IP and corporate focus
Brainiac IP Solutions Catering to domestic and multinational companies in protecting their invention
CRJ IPR Services Offering a wide spectrum of IP related services
Grandhi Law Chambers A well rounded legal advisory firm providing cross-border IP services and corporate advisory and commercial litigation services.
IIPRD Premier IP consulting and commercialization/licensing firm providing services in the domain of Commercialization, Valuation, Technology Transfer and Due-Diligence of IP assets
Intellect Goodwill Well known company that provides IP registration to litigation services
Intellocopia Providing consulting, acquisition and enforcement services
Intepat IP Service Delivering intellectual property services in the manner that best suits the needs of the organizations
Invntree People and process driven company that offers a wide array of patent services
IP Dome Robust IP strategy enabling corporate decision makers to understand the IP potential of the company
IP Matrix Working as true solution providers with services beyond IP processes
Ipram Striving to provide insight ino various aspects of IP rights, particularly patents
KAnalysis An IP boutique firm providing services in patents, trademarks, design and copyrights
KRISLAW Established company providing guidance and consultation in core area of Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents and Designs
Lex Protector Leading innovation and IP consultancy providing IP services
Lexorbis Comprehensive IP law firm that delivers IP and Legal services to global corporations
Lifeintelect Providing solutions enabling generation of valuable intellectual property
NIPO Well established company provides policy initiatives in the area of IP
Origin IP Solutions Value driven company offering services and solutions in the area of IP rights
Patentwire Independent Patent and Technology consulting firm protecting IP
Patracode Leading IP attorneys & IPR solutions provider
Prometheus Patent Services Service enterprise offering competent and economic IP rights
Raval Co Providing prefect solutions regarding the client’s Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law
Startupwalacom One stop business set-up and corporate services company providing quality IP services
TT Consultants Delivering foremost patent prosecution and litigation searches