KAnalysis: Responsive Value-driven Client Experience

CIO Vendor The world is undergoing an epochal transformation from a labor intensive mass production system to a new era of ‘innovation mediated production’ where the principal part of value creation, productivity and economic growth is Knowledge.

A properly balanced intellectual property system ensures and offers suitable incentives to invest in research and innovation. Therefore, protection of such assets is quintessential to gain competitive edge for any company and offers a level playing field in the global market place. KAnalysis Consultants was founded by Nilanshu Shekhar and Ashutosh Choudhary, with one such motive to blend technicality with human intelligence and safeguarding IP with the understanding of law as well as technology. The company was quick to realize that safeguarding IP was handled by various law firms in India, which lack the support of engineering and technical background professionals. Hence, to eradicate this gap, KAnalysis, an international intellectual property boutique firm came into being in 2007.

“When we decided to set up KAnalysis, the world was going through the biggest recession. Till then, majority of international work in our area was coming from USA, but during that phase receiving work from them was next to impossible. Thus, rather compulsively we started to look towards the European market in the industries which were less prone to meltdown like pharmaceutical, medical devices, and petrochemicals.This proved to be a game changer, as we now work with some of the biggest fortune 100 companies, till date,” says Nilanshu Shekhar, Founder, KAnalysis Consultants.

The process of securing a patent, right from the first draft to filing, prosecution, grant, and some times post-grant phases goes through hunder goes various complex stages. These stages need a blend of technical knowledge, legal acumen, and some tedious mundane work which could be time-consuming.
Hence, there was an urgent need to introduce technology in this process, to automate repetitive tasks and invest time and energy on important matters making the process cost-effective for the end client.

Our big corporate clients know what they need, but smaller ones with shoestring budgets need guidance at every step, and that makes our work stimulating

The founders always felt and been vocal that an engineer or attorney should counsel clients and charge so, and not bill the client for transferring documents (in digital format) from the PTO. With this aim, to offer a cost-effective solution for basic filing activities the company is going to launch a beta version of their platform to be available on the website (KAFiling.com). This platform could offer innovators across the globe an attorney managed solution with the cost advantage of engaging with just a software platform.

While working with startups or SME, we have traversed the journey together from their first patent to a portfolio of 50 patents, valued at 100 million USD. Our big corporate clients know what they need and give instructions accordingly, but smaller ones with shoestring budgets need guidance at every step right from maintaining experimental records to out-licensing, and that makes our work stimulating, adds Nilanshu.

The firm has grown meticulously with the sole intention of providing value in whatever they do for a client.Over these nine years, KAnalysis have been constantly striving to see IP landscape evolve in India and grow simultaneously. By adding value through their high-end work, the firm aims to place themselves as one of the top IP Consultancies in India and build better portfolios for their clients.

At present, KAnalysis has offices in Italy and UK, and planning to have an US office in the next quarter. Apart from the developed economies, KAnalysis envisions that there is a greater scope in working in South-East Asian region, China Japan, and other emerging markets. Narrating the future roadmap, Nilanshu further says, “We are working towards changing the mindset of the industry and rise in the value chain towards IP consultancies".