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CIO Vendor In the kind of world where we live today, almost everything around us is dictated by the commercial marketplace and the practices that are prevalent therein. Seeking more exposure, proprietors are expanding their business not only nationwide but also across international borders. While these blurring of geographical boundaries have extended the horizons of business possibilities for entrepreneurs, it cannot be ignored that different laws of different countries have also posed challenges that require professional assistance and guidance. For example, a product launched in the U.S. may not be launched in Europe for it might be patented there, and vice-versa. Similarly, a domain registered in India may be violating an identical or similar domain with a different top level domain in US. This is where conflicts arise and this is exactly where the expertise of an IP consultant lies.

Unique Protection for Unique Services

Headquartered in Bhubaneswar, Lex Protector is one such International law firm which vests its focus on addressing matters relating to Intellectual Property Rights. The company’s exclusive range of offerings cover all major domains of Intellectual Property Laws, i.e. Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks. “At Lex Protector, our services have been classified into four basic heads: Trademarks comprising of Trademark Searches, Trademark Registration Services, Trademark Monitoring and Trademark Enforcement Services; Patents which includes Prior Art Search, Patent Application Filing, Drafting Patent Application and Patent Right Enforcement; Copyrights including Digital Millennium Copyright Act services like drafting and filing take down notices and counter notices to ISPs.
Other services cover plethora of commercial law related services like Drafting of NDA, Website and App terms of services, Privacy Policies, Commercial Agreements, Patent/Trademark/Copyright licensing agreements and many more. Our unique set of services is the basic differentiator which sets us apart from the other players in the market,” says Aurobinda Panda, Founder, Lex Protector.

Lex Protector has been progressing each day with a desire to strengthen their level of performance by taking it to the zenith of success

Helping Businesses Make their Mark

Boasting about the journey of Lex Protector, Aurobinda speaks, “Lex Protector was established single-handedly in 2012 but today, we are a team of 10 individuals that operate as a single entity, working towards pursuing client-determined goals. Our expertise, driven by our experience in this field and past achievements are some of the basic tools which have helped us fetch clients like Precise Portions – USA, GLAMFIT – Canada, Stat Pack - Australia, MCL– India and many more. In terms of milestones, today we have clients in over 40 countries including China and South Africa. We have successfully filed more than 100 trademark filings internationally along with a considerable number of patents and copyright filings. Today, while our competitors are waiting for months and years, relying upon traditional methods of making efforts to procure court orders and decrees to enforce client’s interests, we at Lex Protector are already capable of achieving the same result within days. For us, this is just the beginning but if we get proper exposure, we will surely glide high.”

Lex Protector has been progressing each day with a desire to strengthen their level of performance by taking it to the zenith of success. “Right now we are working towards strengthening our client base by adding more clients, while retaining the existing ones. We are also looking forward to provide cost effective services to clients based in countries like Korea and China where English is not the official language. Our ambitions are driven by the idea of success which we believe rests in our client’s level of satisfaction with our work and we are determined to achieve it,” concludes Aurobinda.