Altacit Global: Quality Assistance on Intellectual Property and Corporate Legal Matters

CIO Vendor A recent spate of initial public offerings, high-profile mergers and acquisitions, and litigation has thrust intellectual property (IP) into an increasingly critical position in global economics. However, many organizations often fail to understand the value and risks of IP, even when IP accounts for a high percentage of the company’s value.

Stemming from its ability to provide business with competitive advantages, defining IP as an asset aims to provide it the same protective rights as physical property. An organization that owns IP can realize value from it in several ways, namely through utilizing it internally—for its own processes or provision of goods and services to customers—or sharing it externally. Chennai based Altacit Global is one such boutique law firm that provides IP solutions and researched information for organizations regarding IP law.

The journey of Altacit dates back to 2003 when the firm had started as boutique in Chennau. Today with a multi disciplinary team encompassing trained scientists, engineers, chemists, medics and business administrators Altacit provides legal solutions in a competent manner. With their membership in numerous industry associations, chambers of trade and commerce, academic institutions and professional bodies, Altacit found it a lot easier to carve a niche for itself in the market and gain confidence of their clients.
“The clients who approached us were looking for global opportunities for business in foreign jurisdictions. Our corporate division advised and structured their international business deals, helping them achieve success not only for their domestic business but also for their international business”, says Sudhir Ravindran, CEO, Altacit Global.

Since inception, Altacit Global has enabled companies launch secured venture and business deals with protected IP.

Altacit invests substantive resources into practice development based on extensive research. “Members of our team are regular speakers in various national and international forums and represent various International Organizations. We also work closely with many Industry Associations and Chambers of Trade and Commerce in disseminating knowledge. It is the basis of our ongoing commitment to our clients and to performing at the highest and best level,” he adds.

Since inception, Altacit Global has left no stone unturned to cater business to all over India and help organizations have a secured venture with protected IP. With quality services that includes Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Protection, Real Estate Law and Franchise Law, Altacit has offices in cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore and Hyderabad. Long-considered a national leader in the patents and trade marks space, Altacit’s offices allows it to have feet on the ground close to the Intellectual Property Appellate Board, High Court of Madras, High Court of Karnataka, High Court of Kerala, High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad and Indian Geographical Indications Registry. “We are an ISO 9001 certified and CRISIL Rated Law Firm. In the coming years, we shall continue offering quality services with enhanced legal presence to every organization globally that requires our solution”, concludes Sudhir.