Ipram: Committed to Diligent and Innovative IP solutions

CIO Vendor very often when you are busy turning your ‘Big Idea’ of starting a business into a reality, there are already a hundred things running on your mind. There is the stress of starting off in the first place; getting people to buy your idea and the day to day issues that come up once you get started. It is not at all surprising that you might skip the thought of legal aspects or intellectual property at this point of time.

Determined to turn these stumbling blocks into stepping stones for the businesses, Ipram, an IP consulting firm was established by Pallavi Kharkar, an industry veteran with over 18 years’ experience in Pharma and global IPR. Pallavi is an acknowledged expert in IP strategy – elected into the prestigious IAM – 300 in 2013 and 2014. Set up in the year 2012, the company firmly believes in Integrity, Perseverance, Reaching out, Adding value and Mentoring, which together build up the name ‘Ipram’. “When we began our journey, we neither had sufficient funds nor had sufficient work in hand. So we started with branding - making website, brochures, cards, logo designing and finally registering our trademarks.

When it comes to work, we do not believe in quick fix solutions. For a startup firm in service sector, first challenge is scaling up and second is delivering a consistent product while scaling up. We have enabled ourselves with a project management system that helps us deliver a consistent product. Our clients can track progress of their projects by logging into it. All our steps are recorded in it along with time spent on each task. For Ipram members, it shows the pattern of time spent and business generated and is an indicator of their efficiency. The work culture is another single most important parameter that impacts work.
At times we all work under a strict schedule to meet a deadline but we are fun loving people and work in a free and liberal environment.” speaks Pallavi Kharkar.

Committed to diligent and innovative IP solutions, Ipram is well-known for achieving its client's business objectives through its top notch IP services

“We understand that IP field is new in India and many companies yet don’t have a dedicated patent group. Many of us have worked as scientists which help us understand the inventions and the passion associated with the inventions. Clients also approached us to conduct patent searches to find the ways to launch their products. We help them by creating and analyzing patent landscape and provide strategy to design around the existing patents.

We assist our clients to create value from the abstract, crystallize innovations from concepts and help them navigate through known and unforeseen challenges to support their business in the best possible manner.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing happiness on faces of your client and a note of appreciation,” she avers.

Ipram is actively involved in supporting IP education and is associated with several institutes including University of Mumbai for offering various kinds of IP training programs.

IPRAM is MSME registered, CRISIL rated firm with 5 registered trademarks in India. IPRAM’s experienced, young and enthusiastic team collectively has over 45 years’ experience in IPR and over 70 years of consolidated experience.

Ipramstrives to be an action oriented company and partners with clients not just to offer services but also to help them garner better returns on their investments. Reasoned to a genuine commitment towards serving customers, in future Ipram wishes to bring in a lot of innovation in this sector.