Grandhi Law Chambers: Mitigate Risks with Business-centric Solutions

CIO Vendor With rapid globalization, startups and emerging companies are increasingly focused on creating global value, i.e., generating business and consolidating market share both in India as well as in key foreign markets. However, with limited budgets and high growth targets, startups and early-stage companies seldom spend the time or necessary resources to create an effective cross-border legal strategy. This gap is especially big in the area of intellectual property.

A typical tech startup is focused at least on two key markets, India and the U.S. Therefore, in order to have an effective cross-border IP strategy, companies have the unenviable task of coordinating with legal teams in India as well as in the U.S., typically leading to patent and trademark filings in both countries. This would not only be time consuming and expensive, but also requires a great amount of coordination from the in-house legal and business teams.

Identifying this challenge in the market, Krishna Grandhi, a patent and trademark attorney in the U.S., as well as a lawyer in India, took a step forward and set up Grandhi Law Chambers (GLC). GLC has a robust patent and trademark practice in India as well as in the U.S. The firm’s goal is to mitigate the time, expense, and resource problem of cross-border IP filings, and to become a one stop shop for their clients for all things IP. “Grandhi Law Chambers is one of the few specialized firms in India that has a robust cross-border intellectual property practice” says Krishna Grandhi, Founder, Grandhi Law Chambers.

GLC was established in 2014 with a core IP practice and has since worked on several high-stakes contentious and non-contentious IP matters for local and international clients, from startups to Fortune 50 companies.
Over the last two years, the firm has grown to include various other practice areas, including business and technology transactions, litigation & ADR and media & entertainment. The firm is also one of the few specialized firms in Hyderabad that focuses on white collar defence as well as corporate crimes and economic offences.

Grandhi Law Chambers is one of the few specialized firms in India that has a robust cross-border intellectual property practice.

GLC’s founder Krishna Grandhi is probably best known as an outside general counsel to companies. Armed with an MBA from Cornell along with his law degree, he is regarded as a well-rounded business adviser to firms, who understands not only the legal challenges facing the corporate world, but also the key business and financial aspects that affect them. “We started this firm with the goal of helping companies as well as the individuals involved in managing and running these companies. Our aim is to provide comprehensive legal services for them, be it transactional, IP-related, ADR-centric, or litigation-oriented. We are one of the few firms locally that focus on end-to-end corporate litigation involving a company and its board or management, including commercial litigation, real estate litigation, and litigation involving white collar crimes and economic offences”, avers Krishna Grandhi.

The Silver Lining

Krishna recently received the ‘40 under 40 Rising Star’ award organized by Legal Era magazine, making him one of a select group of 40 lawyers from around India who were selected for this honour. His expertise, knowledge, and the constant hard work of his team have helped Grandhi Law Chambers grow tremendously with several national and multinational clients to boot. “In addition to our corporate and litigation work, we spend considerable resources helping startups. We have successfully counselled over 50 startups in the last two years. We have been selected as one of the three legal partners for T-hub, which is the largest startup incubator in the state of Telangana incubating more than 125 startups. We are looking forward to launching startup-friendly websites which would help startups from inception to funding and beyond.”, concludes Krishna.