Patentwire: Handholding Innovations towards Protection and Successful Commercialization

CIO Vendor IP s a valuable business asset and in an emerging market like India could well be one of the main competitive advantages for businesses. Companies operating in India, or even those considering it as a future market, should have an IP management strategy that identifies and covers all of their IP and how to protect it in best manner. Organizations need to protect their ideas, innovations relating to their products or services in order to safeguard them from being copied. There are plenty of indigenous innovations which go unprotected due to lack of awareness.

Further, substantial amount of the protected ones goes unenforced, and without any revenue. Patentwire, an independent Patent and Technology consulting firm based in New Delhi, was established with an objective to bridge the gap in protection of IP, its enforcement and its commercialization. Being from Science & Technology background Lalit Ambastha, Founder, Patentwire Consultants, understood the limitation within the technology sectors pertaining to the lack of awareness and protection of IP. Hence, with the motive to serve its indigenous clients services to address their IP concerns, he decided to set up Patentwire.
Speaking on the very idea behind Patentwire, Lalit avers, “The major challenge for an IP consulting firm is the unpopularity of the IPR concept in India. Therefore with the primary objective to educate and sensitize the industry regarding the importance of IP protection, we took the initiative to spread the awareness by publishing articles and enlighten them. Moreover, as an independent IP law consulting firm, we are committed to deliver the best possible services to our clients in the field of patents, designs and technology.”

“Patentwire, where inventions live long!"

Apart from litigation support and IP management services, the firm also has a unique service for their clients known as IP Bazzaar which aims at successful commercialization of patents and technology.

Over the past eight years, Patentwire has catered its quality services to various conglomerates helping them safeguard their IP. Team Patentwire believes in free flow of communication to understand the requirements of clients and provide solutions accordingly. On asking about their future plans, Lalit says, “At present, we are working on an approach where we not only safeguard the patent for our clients and help them market their technology in domestic grounds but also at global platform. We are also striving hard and liaisoning to provide technical assistance to the creators/organizations who do not have adequate technical platform and facilities for their operations.”