10 Most Promising Hospitality Consultants - 2020

The Indian Hospitality industry is emerging as one of the major sectors contributing to the country's economy. The travel industry is been witnessing a great expansion in domestic as well as international tourism, with an increased number of tourists. At the beginning of the year 2019, the number of foreign tourists visited India until the month of May is 1.23 million. These developments in tourism sector are creating a larger platform for Hospitality industry, also generates employment opportunities for the people of India. The rich culture and heritage of India attract tourists around the world. In order to provide beautiful experience for the tourists, the hospitality industry is coming up with innovative strategies every day. To maintain the standard of services offered the hospitality firms are seeking guidance from the consultants, also creating a new field of advisory ­ hospitality consultants.

Today, the demand for hospitality consultants is increasing and the reason for this is the evolving market trends. The hospitality consultants have to come up with the strategies that will be most innovative and make the customers feel a wow factor in it. Also, they have to assist the hotel and restaurants in providing quality food and first-class experience to the customers. In order to maintain the standard of services, increase the number of customers, and to gain popularity in the industry most of the hospitality companies are hiring consultants.

Keeping all these advancements in mind, we at Consultants Review have come up with a list of  ‘10 Most Promising Hospitality Consultants - 2020'. The following list has undergone strict scrutiny by a panel of judges that include CEOs, CXOs, CIOs, analysts and the Consultant Review, editorial team. These consultants are not only believed to be the key indicator for growth but also a true contributor to the country's economy.

Company Name Description
Gourmet Sage Gourmet Sage is a restaurant consulting firm providing the entire gamut of restaurant solutions.
Hcs Global Corp A hospitality consultancy firm that has been providing tailor-made consultancy services and bespoke solutions to the hospitality industry since 2005.
Hotelivate Founded by the erstwhile team of HVS India, Hotelivate, is a new-age hospitality consulting firm offering specialized services to clients across the Asia Pacific region.
Nv Hospitality Offering its distinctive approach to segmenting its services based on customer/investor profiles resulting in true value for investors turning them into our brand ambassador.
One Sprig Hospitality Consultants One Sprig is a group of restaurant and hospitality specialist professional who understand the industry from blue prints to reality to back of the house operations and are specialized in finding solutions.
Prognosis Global Consulting A consulting, asset management and advisory services firm focused on the Hospitality and Food Services Industry in South Asia while also providing comprehensive services to hotel developers, investors, brands and other travel & tourism industry stakeholders.
Sharma S Ideas Of Restaurant Services A complete Hotel & Restaurant Consulting, Kitchen Equipment Planning, Equipment Supplier and Service Provider catering to the Hospitality Industry locally and internationally.
Surymerlin Hospitality SURYMERLIN HOSPITALITY LLP is India’s leading hospitality management company providing operational Management, Sales and Marketing, Distribution and consulting solutions to luxury and high end hotels, Resorts and clubs , Restaurants and comprehensive Travel Solutions to Corporate , Business Travelers & tourists With offices and hotels & Restaurants across India & Dubai
Tatva Hospitality Leveraging the wealth of experience, to complement client's ideas with a touch of ingenuity! Also, committed to provide an end-to-end solution, as partners, to manage and operate boutique resorts across India.
Thinktanc Using professional insight, the company provides turn-key solutions to your business by conducting feasibility studies that aid in formulating a concept that is not just unique but also profitable.