SIRS: Setting New Benchmark with Trusted & Ethical Consultancy

CIO Vendor Providing the best possible experience for your guests is important for companies in the hospitality business. Giving your guests a memory that he or she can cherish will help you to create goodwill for your business along with the potential increase in your business. It is hard to start a hotel or restaurant that will guarantee you imminent success and growth.

It is even harder to manage one to achieve consistent results. With the growing competition one must look for further steps to improve the quality of their services. Creating a multicuisine menu is not enough to stand out from the competition now. To help you in this endeavor of making your hotel or restaurant unique are Hospitality consultants. The hospitality consultants market is growing, it is important that you choose the best consultants because some of these consultancy firms have no real experience in the industry and partnering with them will only result in the loss of your time money and effort. An experienced consultant will help you to create a unique experience for your clients. Armed with 30 plus years of industry experience, Philip C. Sharma started Sharma’s Ideas of Restaurant Services (SIRS) to provide end-to-end consultancy services in the hospitality consultant space.

Starting its operations in 1999, SIRS is a complete consulting, planning equipment supplier and service provider catering to the hospitality industry with international standards. With its 20 plus restaurant consulting experience in the industry SIRS has the ability to identify the problems and provide expert solutions to rectify them. The company specializes in a wide
range of services that includes concept and design development menu planning, licensing, preparing kitchen layouts and staff selection and training. The company's innovative approach has helped them to create new concepts and systems which have set high standards in the industry.

With its 20 plus years of experience and expertise in the industry, SIRS has the ability to identify the problems and provide expert solutions to rectify them

As the founder of the company, Philip C. Sharma's immense experience in the industry and contacts have helped the company to tackle some of the minor challenges SIRS faced during its inception and this expert guidance has helped the company to achieve consistent success in every project they have completed. The clients of SIRS are very demanding and catering to their requirements has only helped the company to create unique solutions that have helped them to grow even bigger. “This industry is very unique and each hour brings a new challenge. Most of our clients come to us to create a new brand with very low budget. We have to start from scratch with designing the concept, then we will check the feasibility of the locations and conduct a market research to check whether the preferred location is suitable for the business or not. After finalizing the location we have to create a detailed layout and then we need to create a list of the needed equipments according to the menu. By formulating this clear set of solutions we have managed to deliver time after time and with our hard work and dedication we make sure that we will always give the best results for our clients irrespective of the challenges. We have made it our mission to help the clients and make them satisfied with the quality of our services”, says Philip C. Sharma, Founder, SIRS.

The company’s policy to give their 100 percent each and every time irrespective of the size of the projects has helped SIRS to be the go to consultants in the hospitality consultant industry. As for the future SIRS is planning to expand and increase the reach in also foreign countries. The company is looking to start a new branch in Canada and is also planning to launch an equipment franchise in the Andaman and Nicobar islands.