NV Hospitality: Delivering Excellence through Diverse Hospitality Services

CIO Vendor T he growth of the Indian hospitality industry has been one of the revelations of the decade. With the increasing number of tourists along with the positive measures taken by the government there has been an exponential growth in this space. The expansion is so high that the revenue generated by the hospitality industry makes up to 6.20 percent of the GDP and creates 8.78 percent of the total employment opportunities in the country. Identifying the immense scope that the hospitality sector can provide many jumped into the role of providing consultancy services for the industry. While most consultancies are operating with no real commitment or expertise in the field, one firm that stands apart from the rest in this space is NV Hospitality. The organization is the creation of Navin Patrick, an industry veteran with years of experience in the industry, holds an undying passion for hospitality consultancy. Navin developed a keen interest in experimenting with spices in his initial phase and this later motivated him to start NV Hospitality.

NV Hospitality holds on to the Indian belief of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ while providing expert solutions for their client’s problems. Started as a humble beginning with simple kitchen operations, today, NV Hospitality is a reflection of Navin Patrick’s ideology and strong expertise in this domain which has helped the firm mark its spot in the industry. NV Hospitality offers a wide range of services in the hospitality domain which can be briefly classified into auditing, hospitality consulting, restaurant management, catering, and manufacturing and development. Other offerings of the firm include cost controlling in food and beverage which helps their clients to reduce the cost of operations.
NV Hospitality helps investors get lucrative returns from their investments in restaurants without the headache of participating in the day-to-day operations. The state of the art research and development department allows NV Hospitality to process and manufacture various food products also. The firm also provides a unique service in which the company designs and develops a restaurant from scratch and operates it for a fixed period while providing you an opportunity to learn during that mentoring period.

NV Hospitality has formulated proven ideas and strategies which help the clients in creating and operating a successful business in the hospitality field

The fact that the hospitality space has spread across a huge area including, hotels, restaurants clubs and recreation centers make it even harder for consultancy firms to concentrate on any one area. NV Hospitality is a notch ahead from the rest by providing bespoke solutions and interventions when it comes to the entire hospitality industry. The company’s slogan‘. and we can. showcases their mentality to solve even the most challenging of problems. “With our company’s rich experience in diverse hospitality fields, we are able to provide people and management support to our clients along with providing them proper guidance. We also have a strong marketing team which helps our clients to create a recognized brand name in the market”, says Navin Patrick, Director, NV Hospitality.

Bringing all these services under one roof helps the clients of NV Hospitality to have an end-to-end solution provider within the industry itself. All this hard work and dedication allowed the company to generate 15 plus customers, 14 brands and 8 plus franchises and restaurants. Backed with their unparallel experience in the hospitality domain, NV Hospitality has formulated proven ideas and strategies which help the clients in creating and operating a successful business in the hospitality field. Partnering with NV Hospitality promises a consultant which provides expert solutions starting from selecting the right ambiance menu to location while allowing you to ensure that your business is going to succeed and creates a niche in the industry.