Thinktanc: Providing a Wide Range of Design, Architecture and Project Management Services

CIO Vendor Today, Hospitality sector contributes to about 6.20 percent of the Indian GDP. ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ has evolved to be the central theme for the Indian hospitality sector. With the industry flourishing year on year, the demand for Hospitality Consultancy has also increased in order to mitigate the pain points of the hospitality sector. These consulting firms are catering services in order to decrease the risk factors and drawbacks like poor infrastructure facility, online frauds, economic risks high costs, improper managing skills and many more. Bridging the industrial since 2010 is Thinktanc, a firm which reflects the ideas and expertise of Amit Roy and Anupam Sehgal.

Addressing the numerous challenges of the industry, Thinktanc provides feasible study and market overview, concept creation business plan with CAPEX proposed P&L and ROI projects, planning zoning of the space available planning and designing of bar and kitchen equipments with cad layouts setting up menu with recipes and costing, recruiting and training manpower marketing, creating logos, launch phase activities conducting audits and many more.

“So Amit & I met around 9.5 years back at a social event and started conversing which made us soon realize that we have astonishingly similar visions for a consulting company!This was over drinks but the very next day we started chatting on Facebook and continued our discussion! Met a couple of days later & conceptualized our idea into a reality. Thinktanc was arguably the first & it remains the only company to offer ‘truly’ a 360 services spectrum in the food and beverage consulting industry! The challenges we faced in the initial days are actually our strength”, says Anupam Sehgal, Co-Founder of Thinktanc.

The USP of Thinktanc is, the firm always works with the aim of controlled disruption for every project, and they believe that like an actor gets overly involved with the character in the same way the company involves itself completely in their projects. Thinktanc has a success ratio of 95 percent with

Thinktanc has a success ratio of 95 percent with 180 projects successfully completed under PAN India

180 projects successfully completed in PAN India. Thinktanc strives to ‘stay ahead of times’ and insists on business plans with a concept of ‘never overspend’. The team of Thinktanc uses historical data to forecast market demands also conducts extensive studies on market trends, customer behavior and budgets. Examines the product infusions every six months and if required eliminates the deceased products. Anupam adds, “Our unique benefit is that we do not participate in any unfair practices such as taking commission from vendors or any agencies, instead we get best rates from all and then pass it on to our clients. I believe we are only consulting firms who do this”. The clients Thinktanc has served over the years are Skyye Bierre Club, Watsons, Misu, By the Bay, Cemer, House of Commons, The Open Box, Sotally Tober, The Lal Street Levitate Brewery, Alchemy, The Fire Station, Abejo Sukh Sagar, Indian Kitchen, The Glass House, Blimey, Portland Steakhouse, TESCO and many more companies across India.

A branch of Thinktanc is been launched in Mumbai this year also the 360-degree strengths that have contributed to the successful journey of the firm are Creativity, Skills, Knowledge Technical Excellence and Sound Advice to clients. “We have plans of setting up more offices across different countries, also wants to reach out to more and more clients. Also, we have developed an IP of our own, which we have worked towards for the last 2 years. The first franchise of the same opens doors mid-December this year. We are also focused on selling these franchises all over the world. It’s one of a kind”, concludes Anupam.