Surymerlin Hospitality: A Leading Hospitality Consulting Firm offering Solutions to Highend Names The

CIO Vendor The Indian hospitality industry is one that attracts eye balls even from the global players. The high growth rate and the potential of untapped resources makes this sector appealing for both the Indian and foreign entities. The highly fought over market has frequently sees the rise and fall of many empires and this ultra competitiveness to cement their monopoly in the industry makes it even harder for new companies to enter the market. One company that has been having a noteworthy and impressive run in the Indian hospitality space is Surymerlin Hospitality. Starting their operations in 2018, Surymerlin Hospitality was the dream and vision of the versatile trio of Saurav Mitra, Shivendu Mishra and Balasaheb Bhosale. Backed by their immense expertise and experience working in almost all the levels and verticals of the industry both in India and abroad, the founders of Surymerlin Hospitality has created a brand that has been widely recognized for the quality of their operations within a year of starting their business.

Driven by their immense passion towards the Indian hospitality sector Saurav, Balasaheb and Shivendu envisioned creating a brand that fully identifies the importance of offering the best for their clients customer, investors, and partners. "During the initial days, the investors were very hesitant to invest but when we started our first restaurant in Pune, we got very good responses and then people were interested in our brand. We will always offer the best investment opportunities for our investors and we always make sure that our customers are offered the best possible services. Our customer centric approach has been key for our growth and as of now we have 8 hotels and 8 restaurants across India and we also have a hotel in
Thailand", says Saurav Mitra, Co-founder & Partner Surymerlin Hospitality. The company also conducts market surveys, budgeting, and feasibility studies to make sure that they have a clear idea of the market conditions and this preparation helps them and their investors to get a better ROI within a short span of time when compared with their competitors.

Surymerlin Hospitality considers their employees as their most prized asset and the employees sees themselves as the owners of the company

Offering the best for all the stake holders has helped the company to grow at an unprecedented rate and the company has created an impressive clientele that includes Indian Oil, Hindustan Uniliver, Hindustan Petroleum, and Airport Authority of India being some of their notable corporate clients. Other than this, Surymerlin Hospitality also caters to various educational institutes. The company has also partnered up with various resorts across the country to create a strong all India network. Another strong point of Surymerlin Hospitality is their dedicated workforce and the company has nearly 530 employees on their payroll. Surymerlin Hospitality considers their employees as their most prized asset and the employees sees themselves as the owners of the company and because of this they are extra motivated and dedicated to give their all for the company. Surymerlin Hospitality completely acknowledges the effort made by the employees and the company has made it their philosophy that they will never fire their employees.

Surymerlin Hospitality has been awarded on multiple occasions for their contributions and innovations in the industry and recognition as the ‘Best Alternative Hotel Award' by Goibibo is one of the company's recent achievements. Clocking over a 100 percent growth rate in the first year of their business, Surymerlin Hospitality is planning for rapid expansion both inside and outside India with the various South Asian countries being the desired destinations. By keeping their employees motivated and operations on point the company has set themselves a target of 200 restaurants by 2022.