HCS Global Corp: Transforming the Indian Hospitality Industry with Experience and Innovation

CIO Vendor The Indian hospitality industry has been witnessing a major boom. Especially with ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ inspiring a great sense of being welcomed in the country, the travel and hospitality industry has evolved into a key driver of growth amongst the service sector of the country. As per reports by Statista, the Indian hotel market is projected to grow to around 13 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. With Indian hospitality & tourism going on 9 percent and the Indian food industry expected to reach a mark of six trillion rupees, the unorganized business is trying to become an organized sector. This has led to a rise in the demand of Consulting and Advisory companies that can help businesses meet their objectives. Dominating the hospitality consulting and advisory market with a strong foothold is HCS Global Corp, a firm renowned for offering better business policies clear process understanding and updated knowledge to the stakeholders.

Today hospitality business owners are well traveled with good knowledge, and their demands and expectations are far clearer than the business owners of previous decades. In order to cater to these demands, you need to be at the edge in all senses to address the ever increasing millennials and their new age expectations. Set up in 2005 as HCSI and rebranded as HCS Global Corp in 2019, the firm is recognized for its holistic Hospitality Consulting Services towards Hotel Restaurants and Food Services. “In 2004, when the industry dynamics were changing we envisioned to be part of the industry change and contribute to the industry with Hitech and sustainable business models and offerings. We could see the potential in the market but with a gap that was identified as less novelty, fewer innovations and less of a sustainable approach in design concepts, food presentations, marketing ideas, hospitality strategies or overall execution. So, with a new vision and approach, HCSI introduced a series of services that aimed at addressing the much talked about GAP. And, when we thought of offering our services to a larger chunk of the market, we rebranded ourselves as HCS Global Corp and now we are connecting the global business owners to showcase our products and services. We have always won the trust of our clients so much that we are maintaining and developing relations with repeat business from them even till date”, speaks Upendra Dattatraya Kulkarni, Co-Founder & Director, HCS Global Corp.

"HCS global corp is renowned for offering better business policies, clear process understanding and updated knowledge to the stakeholders"

Breaking Down Barriers with Innovation and Experience
There has been a constant gap in demand and supply when it comes to new ideas, products and designs. During the initial days the market was quite rigid with orthodox service styles compared to the overseas companies in Europe and American markets. From getting owners to change their casual and friendly service approach, to finding skilled and trained labour, the initial days were full of challenges for HCS Global Corp. With hotel and restaurant business being considered as real estate business, finding funds was not an easy approach path for the new entrants in the business. Technology support was also limited which required a lot of tasks to be accomplished manually which was time consuming and whatever was available was not affordable for the MSME market where our focus always has been.

“While we faced numerous challenges during the early years of inception we left no stone unturned to overcome the stumbling blocks. We always encourage our team to be innovative whether it is new technology or process or service style or products. We make them come up with knowledge sessions to brainstorm within the team because we always believe that our business particularly is all about people and we are not just a hospitality consulting company but our purpose of being here is to offer our clients a completely curated experience and we take pride in saying that we always try to evolve in order to improve ourselves in the new environment and constant development into the hospitality business,” says Upendra.

Globally Renowned for its Unique Offerings
HCS Global Corp has five business verticals currently focusing on Hospitality solutions which emphasize on addressing all the possible questions and challenges of its customers. The firm’s offerings include,

F&B Alpha - The Restaurant Launch Pad: F&B Alpha is a new kind of launchpad which responds directly to the desires and aspirations of the modern F&B entrepreneur. A refreshing and disruptive brand F&B Alpha challenges the status quo with its curated hospitality experience which makes it a leader in the designled affordable F&B sector. Creating new concepts writing feasibility, business plan, menu planning kitchen designing, project management, marketing services and ongoing retainer operational services is a broad classification of what F&B Alpha launchpad can cater to.

Delta Franchise The License to Grow: Growth is not just essential, but it is also inevitable for most organizations. Delta franchise articulates this growth strategy through a well accepted solution via franchise route. This service line will answer questions such as whether a particular brand is suitable for the franchise model, which franchise model a client fits best in, how to create franchise model, how to recruit new franchise and much more.
Who why how and what of a franchise business is the short way to describe Delta franchise. Doing feasibility, creating franchise business plans, writing franchise modules, marketing franchise, recruiting, training, and monitoring operations are all included under the name of the franchise.

HCS global corp has always won the trust of its clients so much that it is maintaining and developing relations with repeat business from them even till date

Beta Audit Hospitality Ecosystem: With the environment being a complex network or interconnected system as Hospitality business is mostly characterized as. To simplify this complex method and understand underline problems in the system, HCS Global Corp is designing this simple techbased solution with the use of BI and AI technology support and superior User Interface. “Get yourself signed up for beta audit and we will do a detailed study of all the areas of operation right from leadership to operation, marketing to accounts, housekeeping to admin. Be it a standalone hotel or restaurant, be it small or big our well designed solution covers it all,”adds Upendra.

Waari Hospitality: Waari Hospitality is the Hotel management vertical of HCS Global Corp. It’s an asset light Hotel Management brand focusing on mid upscale standalone hotels in key locations like City centres of tier 2 & 3 cities across India, Airport gate ways and major leisure destinations with 20 to 60 keys under WAARI Hotels & SAVNEE Hotels brands. The products are suitable for urban, Resort & Airports. It has a distinct Chic/Playful/ Confidently Simple/Naturally Casual/Memorable/ Stylish/Purposeful design that kick starts the fun.

Waari hospitality delivers a positive and personalized service in stylish spaces. Characterized by an attention to small details and ‘FOR YOU’service philosophy, Waari Hotels are designed to make a big difference and inspire unforgettable experiences with every stay. Through personalized service and local nuance, each stay at a Waari hotel will offer a truly individual guest experience. With loads of services as offerings coupled with great food, exquisite venues and local seasonal products so guests can experience the taste of the city.

“After running beta audit in property, we realized that staff attrition is growing at an alarming rate and it is a big concern for industry across the globe. Ongoing training and pr opening training is what most organizations are overlooking. Koala is the birth child of that major vacuum and so is the training wing of HCS-GC. We render training services from F&B Operation, Front Office, Housekeeping, Beverage training and other soft skills and Leadership development training programs for our existing clients, new startup and old industry patrons. Our Hospitality training helps deliver efficiency in hospitality operations by creating sustainable and knowledgeable employees and assisting them in building memorable customer experiences.

Setting New Benchmarks in Hospitality Consulting Industry
Since its inception HCS Global Corp has catered to numerous Hotels, Resorts, Fine Dine Restaurants, Cafes, Lounges, Commercial Kitchens, Cloud Kitchens, Casual Diners, QSRs, Kiosks, Snacks Bars, Food Trucks, Pop Up Restaurants and many more. Some of the renowned names served by HCS Global Corp include Taal Resort, Cone T Go, Maiz, The Waffle Tree, Mamledar Misal, Food Inn AaswaadUpaharGruha, Cafe Rocks, Rejoice Wellness, Mumbai 58, Cheap Thrills England, Aqua Fire, Nom Nom, ARAI, Indian Railways, Mahindra Tractors, Herbivore, E&Y, Tata AIG and others in pipeline.

“At HCS Global Corp it has been a roller coaster ride which was not at all easy when we started, my partner Chinmay Rege initiated the business and he has the same vision as mine to do the best. While our growth has been moderate compared to competitors in the market, our milestones include completing 38+ Food service outlets, 1 Resort, 2 service apartments, 1000+ assignments with a long list of clientele across industry segments. Starting from the city of Mumbai to having its presence in four cities across three countries and numbers are continuously growing”, highlights Upendra.

In the near future HCS Global Corp aspires to come up with an AI-based app for the Hospitality business owners to remain on top of their business by identifying challenges and taking prompt and informed decision making based on realtime data. “We believe innovation and strategy are two important aspects of any business. If you don't innovate you get absolute. Hence we at HCS Global Corp are always upgrading ourselves. We are also exploring the idea of starting focused Hospitality Business Strategy solutions along with a dedicated division to work on Hospitality targeted innovations. We will soon launch the LMS (Learning Management System) for hospitality under koala Hospytalyst. Indian market is slowly getting ready for such management consulting solutions in the hospitality industry and we look forward to being the pioneers in our offerings”, signs off Upendra.