Prognosis Global Consulting: Promoting Informed Decision Making by Providing Expert Strategic Assessment

CIO Vendor Hospitality industry has now grown into an economic powerhouse that plays a major role in the development of the country. In today’s economy the scope and opportunities provided by the sector are unparalleled. The lack of expertise and proper planning has led to many establishments closing down their operations. With the current hospitality sector being ultracompetitive and in order to survive this tight competition the presence of an expert consultant is very crucial. Providing expert consultancy services to develop world class hotels is Prognosis Global Consulting. Set up in 2011 the company founded and headed by Siddharth Thaker and Ritu Chawla Mathur who having been constantly blending their years of experience to deliver comprehensive services to hotel developers, investors, brands and other tourism and travel industry stakeholders for nearly a decade now. With a mission to promote informed decision making by providing research based expert strategic assessment for long term business developments, the firm strives to deliver measurable results, focusing on strategic market opportunities and practical work delivery models tailored to their clients' unique requirements.

A consulting, asset management and advisory services provider, Prognosis Global Consulting vests its major focus on providing Consulting Asset Management and Advisory Services firm focused on the Hospitality and Food Services Industry in South Asia. The consultancy firm provides a wide range of services that can be broadly classified into consulting and valuation services, asset management services and hotel operations advisory services for various verticals including luxury to midscale hotels resorts, spas,
branded residences and convention centers to name a few. Prognosis Global Consulting adopts a 360-degree approach when it comes to market assessment to evaluate the best development and investment opportunities for its clients. The company evaluates existing business performance systems to provide overall strategic objective support. Based on globally proven practices Prognosis Global Consulting helps their clients to also develop and create operational standards and customer brand experiences which in turn help them to provide best in class services. The company helps its clients in budgeting business planning, and other profit management services in order to survive in today’s dynamic market environment.

The firm’s holistic approach to the hospitality business when it comes to providing services for their clients helps them stay a notch ahead of their competitors in the hospitality consultancy market. “We pride ourselves on providing best inclass leading end-to-end advisory services for our clients. We have developed a unique strategic growth and development framework which ensures long term success for our clients through our years of expertise and experience in the industry. With our proven set of operations and market interventions we help our clients to get a birds eye view of the market conditions and set their plans and objectives accordingly”, says Ritu Chawla Mathur, Managing Partner, Prognosis Global Consulting.

The company’s domain expertise combined with its work philosophy helps Prognosis Global Consulting to always stay ahead of the curve. “Our passion for the industry is evident as we offer solutions with an applied understanding of modern complex business situations. We strive for excellence at whatever we do and we always keep our best foot forward. This constant drive for excellence helps us to evaluate complex problems and assist our clients to achieve sustained growth in a highly competitive market place. Our innovative measures help us to take on challenging situations and business problems which have helped us to develop into a trusted ally for our clients. The knowledge and expertise of our team allows us to expand our vision and increase our capabilities in critical thinking which is one of the biggest reasons for our continued success in the industry”, mentions Siddharth Thaker, Managing partner, Prognosis Global Consulting.

Today, a recognized name in the industry in the years to come Prognosis Global Consulting is planning to improve their already impressive service portfolio in order to expand their horizons and develop across different markets offering a larger spectrum of services, to transform the company into a recognized brand globally.