25 Most Promising Retail Consultants

A dynamic environment, a world full of opportunities and new challenges has led to the exponential growth of retail industry in India in last few years. Consumer industry is the 12th largest industry, among which retail industry stands to the 5th position. India holds a lot of potential in itself, for which even the foreign players steps in and explore the business opportunities here. India’s retail market is expected to nearly double to US$ 1 trillion by 2020 from US$ 600 billion in 2015, driven by income growth, urbanization and attitudinal shifts. Further more, the e-commerce sector is also expanding steadily in the industry and creating the biggest revolution in the retail industry.

Again modern retail in India has been experiencing a remarkable transformation over the last few decades. With the rapid change in trends of the consumers, it becomes a challenge for the retailers to keep up with the shifting shopping demands. Consumers being better informed nowadays expect a certain kind of shopping experience from the retailers. That is where the role of a retail consultant comes into the picture, by providing solutions to increasing demand and constant changing trends of the customers. Furthermore, retail sector is currently facing a talent crunch because of the non availability of talented manpower on a large scale and also lack of training facility provided for them. Though India has a vast pool of qualified human resources and high education, there is always a need of senior level management, which is seen missing into the sectors. Hence, retail consultancy identifies the gap, provides solutions that assures the increasing demand of manpower to match the scope of plans of various retailers in the near future. Besides, with several retail giants targeting the potential market in India, almost every retail sector is now channeled through an organized retail consultancy.

Thus, identifying the loopholes of retail sectors and understanding the need of sound solution providers for the organization, Consultants Review brings you “25 Most Promising Retail Consultants”. A distinctive panel comprising of CIOs industry analysts, retail industry experts, and Consultant Review’s editorial board have cherry-picked the consultancies who provide high quality retail solutions and services tailored to the needs of the retail industry.

Company Name Description
AT Kearney An organization that aims to provide clear benefits to organizations in the retail industry globally
Bain Compnay World's leading management consulting firm providing digital solutions to executives to help them make better decisions
Beyond Talent An exclusive retail head-hunting firm exclusively dealing with the retail industry
BrandTrotter A marketing consultant specializing in turning around clients present business and exploring new opportunities
Chennai Consulting Group A dynamic business consulting firm helping clients improve performance beyond benchmarks
Dactyl A retail consulting organization focusing on clients’ most critical issues and opportunities inclusive of strategy, marketing, amongst others
Deevoir A management consulting firm providing end to end business grade solutions to clienteles across industries
Elargir Creating real value for its customers by providing them specialised services in industry
FTI Consulting Providing multidisciplinary solutions to complex business challenges
Hesol Consulting A retail consulting providing services in Supply Chain, E-Commerce, Logistics
Integrated Retail A company that enables business growth and profitability through their comprehensive solutions
Kanvic A leading management consulting firm in India with a global perspective and reach
Options Infinite OISPL A pioneer in retail data & consulting domain
Opus The international firm delivers market-leading solutions and innovative solutions for clients
Playbook Consultancy Pvt Ltd A cloud based retail consultancy providing solutions and loyalty programs for the retail industries
Quinnox A company that provides specialized retail and distribution software solutions to help businesses
RAMMS A 20 year old specialized Shopper Marketing agency which has a team of retail experts with an intimate knowledge of the Indian retail market
Retail Management Consultants An organization that help brands & retailers grow their businesses through insights, connections, recruitment and consultancy
Sketch Consultancy A young company presents strategic consulting and retail transformation services to leading retailers and consumer brands
SPEC Management Solutions An end to end solution provider of retail and property management services
Strategy A global team of practical strategists, committed to helping organizations seize essential advantage
Technopak Delivering strategic solutions that are unique and structured to suit business requirements
Technova An independent India Entry consulting firm providing strategic solutions and implementation
VERUS Today, every business needs two professionals: an accountant and a trusted legal advisor.
Water Communication From brand building exereises to efficient advertising, they provide an intensive consumer-research solution to businesses with new dimensions in creative thinking