Options Infinite (OISPL): Adding Value to Retail Business

CIO Vendor The traditional Indian Retail industry is an extremely dynamic market place where products, customer & markets are continuously evolving. As a result of this evolution there is prevalent change in the brand marketing, approach to services and above all consumer approach. Amidst such a revolution taking place in the Indian retail industry, targeted distribution and pin pointed coverage are the key words to avoid the clutter and reach the right customers. While a good product is an essential to start with, it’s even more critical to place the product in the right outlets. Irrelevant direct distribution not only requires huge investment but also is a sheer waste of energy, effort & resources if not controlled.

Innovating, Evaluating, Implementing

Based in Delhi, Options Infinite Services Pvt. Ltd (OISPL) has emerged as a pioneer in retail data & consulting domain. “In a country with over eight million outlets, how to start and where to start from was our biggest question. We started with the FMCG vertical, biggest and the most challenging one. We developed a unique model to connect with ex-FMCG personnel all over the country which worked wonders for us. Today OISPL maintains a robust database of over 1 lac FMCG outlets spread across 22 towns in India, along with 10,000 outlets of kids, salons & garments” speaks Rajul Chaturvedi, Principal Founder Promoter and Chief Creative Officer, Options Infinite Services Pvt.Ltd.

Options Infinite offers “Real time” market information which enables organizations track key distribution, find gaps, achieve distribution, plan launches, plan manpower, coverage and much more.
Since the information offered is not extra polated from small samples as in the case of the traditional research firms, one can be very precise, targeted & highly effective in execution. “At Options Infinite, we offer a single platform of data, consulting and servicing which no one else has. Data, Intelligence, solutions all in one place, is what differentiates us from our competitors,” articulates Rajul.

OISPL maintains a robust database of over 1 lac FMCG outlets spread across 22 towns in India

Robust real time data also laid a solid foundation for a 360 degree consulting platform. From launching new products, devising marketing strategy, creating market infrastructure, handling day to day sales operations, Training, audits, market research, OISPL does it all. We are now proud to be India partners for some top companies from UK, Swiss & South Africa for their India operations.

The Big E commerce Bite - OISPL is the 'only' company in India providing exclusive content to e-commerce players in the grocery space. OISPL carries a huge database of 40,000 FMCG sku's with elaborate details. Some of the leading e-commerce players are our clients. OISPL not only provides content but also helps in acquiring the retailers for few e commerce players which is a unique preposition.

Infinite is Where you can go

OISPL has been around for some years but recorded impressive growth since its new avatar in 2014 & now boasts of some very prominent Indian and MNC clients. Enlightening on the future road map of the company Rajul concludes, “We maintain a database for over 1 lac FMCG outlets which we plan to take up to 1.5 lac's & 50 town's by end 2016. The bigger plan however is to expand our unique data model to new verticals i.e. Paints & hardware, Pharma, Footwear, Stationery, White goods and garner a bigger chunk of retail data. We want OISPL to be the one-stop-shop for real time data & consulting services in the traditional trade space.