Playbook Consultancy Pvt.Ltd.; Making Customer Delight Easy

CIO Vendor The retail industry in India has been on a growth trajectory for the last few decades. Major domestic players have ambitious plans to expand this sector in the near future by investing considerably in the sector. Globalization, high economic growth and changing lifestyle of the consumers have resulted in increase in the potential of this sector’s growth. Even the smaller towns and cities are showing a radical growth thereby increasing the opportunity of the retail sector. Although the growth potential of the sector is immense, major challenges pertaining to rigid regulations, high cost real estate and highly competitive big retail industries are hindering the growth of a lot of small set ups.

In this competitive scenario, Retail Consulting firms play an important role in creating value. Cuttack headquartered Playbook Consultancy Private Limited is one such firm established to bring about a change in the way companies view Loyalty in India. “While establishing Playbook, I had in mind not to be an advertising firm that also provides loyalty services. Rather we wanted to be a business that is focused solely on creating value for clients by harnessing the power of consumer’s data and then suggest insights that is easy to implement in their business”, says Debasis Sahoo, Founder, Playbook Consultancy. Since its inception, Playbook has brought in in-depth understanding of the various aspects of the loyalty programs from identifying customers to building the program that appeals to the right audience and provides value to their clients.

As a young company with big ideas, Playbook has come a long way to provide the right solution to the largest possible audience

Highlighting the process of setting up a Loyalty program, Debasis explicates, “While setting up a loyalty program the major roadblock for the small retailer was budgetary constraints and tech infrastructure.Since our Technology is all cloud based, there is no need for the business to invest in expensive servers. In fact, a business can run the entire loyalty platform from a tablet or a smartphone. This brings tremendous value for money.”

“We provide a whole gamut of services, from providing go-to-market strategies to creating websites, mobile applications, all focused on build up their business. We use our proprietary tools to execute best in class loyalty programs across consumers, sales channels or employees”, he adds.

The Road to Success

As a young company with big ideas, Playbook has a come a long way to provide the right solution to the largest possible audience. With in a span of two years, the company has been successfully catered to almost 12 to 15 prestigious programs for retailers and channels that includes Dalmia Plus, Club Royale, to name a few. “Our target is to be among the top five program agencies for retail and manufacturing industry. We want to be a part of the progress for the small retail sectors and be a partner for them in their growth story. Our entire outlook is focused on providing small and medium retailers with the tools, both strategic and technical to fight with the bigbox retail heavyweights and help them be at par with their customer engagement services”, concludes Debasis.