Hesol Consulting: Exponential Excellence Ensured

CIO Vendor With the retail sector flourishing year by year, retailers across the nation are putting on their thinking caps to make the best out of the opportunities in hand. This all-round boom in the retail industry has made the consumers more open to options and price points. They know what they want, go for what they like, and expect a flawless service in return. While today’s consumers are always looking for high quality products at pocket-friendly prices, it is always appreciated when the products are delivered on time. It is indeed the need of the hour for the retailers to manage their supply chain systems to achieve seamless benefits of retailing. This is where management consultants can lend a hand as a major game changer for the vendors.

Getting Down to Business

Established in 2013, Hesol Consulting is one such retail management consulting firm which realized the pain points of the retail sector and stepped forward to address it. Tailored to industry's best practices, the company is solely committed to its offerings like E-Commerce Consulting and Start-Up, Logistics & Supply Chain Consulting & Implementation, Ware house Management, Supply Chain Advisory, Business Plan & Investor Pitch Deck, Process Excellence, Business Analytics and Corporate Trainings across multiple industries. “We offer end to end services, right from understanding your business idea till implementation”.

Hesol takes great pride in its dynamic team which has helped the company grow by leaps and bounds across the globe

At Hesol, we believe that ‘Value for Money’ is our key lever and that is what keeps us going. Our solutions are simple, effective and scalable, which intend to solve the business problems on hand and perfectly fit in the client’s need, rather than directly jumping onto suggesting the best in class or world class solutions,” speaks Alvis Lazarus, CEO, Hesol Consulting.

Going Beyond Others

‘We Sign-in only if we can add Value and We deliver what we Sign-in for’, reasoned to this approach, the company has created a niche in consulting segment by offering comprehensive solutions and services to customers like DePuy (a Johnson and Johnson company) through Clear state, Smart Inc., eComEngine, Yahoo, 49 to 499. in, OiGoi.com and many more. Hesol takes great pride in its dynamic team which has helped the company grow by leaps and bounds across the globe and have project foot print in India, U.S, China, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. Having worked for more than 5000+ Supply Chain and E-Commerce project hours, over 20+ major programs andfor above 15 different services, Hesol Consulting is right on the track to establish itself as a “Reliable and Most Wanted Partner” in consulting space.

Narrating the future plans of the company Alvis Lazarus concludes, “Keeping up with our good work we are planning to target on completing more than 50 programs on an average per year. We have deep expertise and skill sets in Warehouse start-up, Warehouse Optimization and Warehouse Management space, and we are aiming to bag more projects at this space. We are also looking forward to start a division which would train young students about the industry best practices and depths of supply chain concepts.”