10 Most Promising Management & Strategy Consultants - 2017

Most companies try to solve the mishaps of everyday operations and fail. Learning from this could turn out to be a great experience. However, the best and most effective solution of all times is to consult the expert who can provide easy & quick results that saves time, money and put all the resources to good use. Also, it becomes essential for any organization to find a permanent solution instead of trial and error methods to  grow/expand their business. At present, Management & Strategy Consultants have become an integral part of many growing companies across the globe. Be it strategic planning, turnaround time, financial re-structuring, due-diligence, silos of departments, compliances among others. Management & Strategy consultants are changing the perspective of people in the space by revamping business across domains and are helping organizations reach greater heights.

In this issue of Consultants Review, our editorial team after discussing with the group of eminent CEOs, VPs, CTOs and Managing Directors has listed ’10 Most Promising Management & Strategy Consultants’. This list comprises of consultancy firms that are adding great value in terms of helping organizations attain the impeccable. These consultancy firms are said to deliver excellent result to organizations growth by providing customized business solutions.

Company Name Description
ACH Consulting Enhance individuals & businesses to unfold potential.
EconStra A well diversified business consultancy firm having interest in diverse industrial business, and strategic economic activities.
Inunison Helps the business leaders in transforming their organisations globally by enabling value aspects & structured management practices.
It S Sambhav Helps the niche business to grow in the international level and assists them with right capabilities & competencies.
Kanvic Consulting A leading management and strategy consulting in India.
MCA Management Consultants One stop shop solution provider to SMEs & MSMEs as they offer a wide range of services to their clients, right from structuring of entity, Valuation & Due diligence to taking care of FEMA implications, international tax advice to ‘right kind’ of funding.
PBOPlus Consulting Services One of India’s first organizations where the foundation is based on processes.
SAGA Global Consultants Addresses the gap in the skill development of Oil & Gas professionals through ‘designing, developing& delivering training programs.
Sans Pareil Corporate Advisory Group A boutique cross-border management consultancy firm that provides financial services and business optimization services to the small and medium business and to Enterprise customers
Shriyai Shriyai helps organizations realize their targeted business potential by integrating its advisory and fund-raising capabilities through scalable and sustainable business-models.
un3 Consulting A strategic & market research consultancy firm that helps SMEs, MSMEs, and family owned business attain the impeccable.