PBOPlus Consulting Services: The Power of Process World

CIO Vendor In 1972, AjaiDayal was working at CHR Global as a senior director, consulting. During this phase, he examined every possible formula there is in the management books, programs, motivational seminars and training to get people to start working with each other. To his disappointment,none of these things worked. At the end of the day, the reused to be huge delays and chaos. Years passed, when, in 1999, hunting for a feasible solution, he realized that ‘It is much easier to change processes than change people’.

Hence opening the doors to ‘Processes’, he established PBOPlus Consulting Services, one of India’s first organizations where the foundation is based on processes. In a way,when we carefully analyze, we see it becomes much easier to change processes and get business outcomes. Instead, most industries across domains hide behind the shells of ISO, benchmark, six sigma and what not!Ajai Dayal explaining the initial phase of getting the concept into the market speaks “Initially people thought we are into ISO certifications. I used to tell them ‘never ever refer ISO to a process’, most industries, get a certificate done and thereafter it’s forgotten. In the process world, each time, every time the work has to be done exactly as the process is written. In reality, it is catastrophic. This is why Indians never get quality right!?”

According to PBOPlus,the precise process has minimum four main features: time, completeness, error free & convenience. “From 1972 to 2017, nothing’s changed. People are still behind someone to get their work done. And most organizations are blindly adopting technology.
Now, another big thing I have against SAP, it is supposed to be convenient, reduce the time, cost, increase efficiency? Well, most Industries still use paper even till this day for documentation purpose?” Backingth is, AjaiDayal, adds “Keeping time as an element, an organization once completes the process. The outcome should be error free. It must be convenient to the employee.” He further remarks, “Well, the word convenience, Indians don’t understand, it must be the most inconvenient thing for any employee.”

PBOPlus Consulting Services is one of India’s first organizations where the foundation is based on processes

Exploiting the power of process in India, PBOPlus at present has embraced the startup ecosystem, as these startups & SMEs understand the importance of precise process and value the essentials of business outcomes. “We see a huge market, we have two very clear divisions in our company, we have a set of people who work on value offering, value proposition, altering the value cost equation and another working on cross-functional processes, which is expanding at a much faster rate, where our clients are smaller company,” says Ajai Dayal.A few of their happy clients includes:Sun Pharma, Glaxo SmithKline, HDFC, WIC, GHCL, SBI among others.

No Process, No Work!

Headquartered in New Delhi, PBOPlus has carved a niche for itself in thisunique consulting space. Their Business Process Interface (BPI) team is constantly working towards bringing in drastic and dramatic change in this country. Finally, AjaiDayal states, “At this point, the government is becoming rhetoric, repetitive and is pushing people to deliver more value, which will not sustain. I have worked in companies where it is a controlled setup, it doesn’t work! I must add, if your wisdom, knowledge, & experience cannot be embedded in words or put on papers, it is a waste. It is good for the seminar, good for teaching in a management institute. This will never get delivered. There is this outcome, to which we can compete in the world. That is only possible through Process.”