Un-3 Consulting: Capturing the Essence of Research Agency & Consultancy

CIO Vendor There used to be a time when research agencies used to contribute to business ideas, provide market insights, suggest business solutions directly to the board members of the company. Well, at present the scene is devastating because most research agencies are reporting to Assistant Brand Managers, who thinks they know it all! The whole concept of achieving the desired goal is deteriorating, as most research agencies have become a data dumping sources to companies and companies are in turn failing to convert these data into plausible business actions. One company that is changing the perspective and combining the essence of a research agency & fusing it with the experience of a consultancy firm is Un-3 Consulting.

Based in Mumbai, Un-3 Consulting is a strategic & market research consultancy firm that helps SMEs, MSMEs, and family owned business attain the impeccable. The company’s foundation was led by R. Balasubramanian aka Bala & Ankur Nagar in 2014. The duo has a combined experience of 42+ years across various segments and they have been instrumental in boosting clients business. Explaining the journey Ankur says“Through our own contacts and knocking on the doors,.We we have been contributing meaningfully over the years.”

Un-3 has outsourced the majority of in-house support functions; the company believes in delivering productive resources and is focuse don providing right time quality execution to their clients business.
Elaborating on this Ankur says, “The model we have is a blank sheet of paper with a question mark. The question mark here is our clients business prospect. Forget about the model that we have. In fact, we don’t believe in the standard models. Because most of our clients business situations are very unique. Hence, we emphasize in understanding our clients business and their core business issues. Once this is done, we channelize the information, integrate the data from various sources and derive meaningful insights that would later add impact to our clients business.”

Un-3 Consulting helps SMEs, MSMEs, and family owned business attain the impeccable

Have you met your Consumers?

“Once you know your consumers, then only you can take right business decisions/actions” asserts Bala. After the agreement is made between the client and Un-3 Consulting. Un-3 makes sure to fill in the gaps effectively. They do a thorough quantitative study, and in some cases, they also take the opinion of people to fill in the gap. “In fact to one of our clients in the food manufacturing industry, we insisted the marketing team have alunch meeting with the consumers. And this worked wonders,” says Ankur.

The company has a lean team that is focused on providing quality services to its clients rather than the quantity aspect of their business. “We don’t believe in QSQT (Quarter-se-quarter-tak). We believe in long-term relationship with our clients,” avers Ankur. Embracing the business and scaling only up to a point, Bala concludes “We are very clear about our road map, we don’t want to be one of those eCommerce companiesy, who want to be a 100 Cr company. We want to be profitable, and want to add value to our clients business.”