Shriyai: Focuses on Value creation within organizations rather than on short term transactional gains

CIO Vendor “A firm’s existence depends on its competitive advantage, which in turn depends completely on how the firm manages it’s comparative and differential positioning in the market. The key to that is Knowledge” believes ShantanuGhosh, Founder of Shriyai.

The emergence of knowledge-based economies has placed an importance on effective management of knowledge that gets produced or discovered every minute. In today’s business world, organizations across the globe are no longer solely dependent on financial capital and strength rather they are equally or more dependent on the knowledge which is considered to be the new competitive advantage in the business. Noticing that knowledge management is a strategic tool for an organization to survive, compete & gain profitability, a Delhi-based Investment Banking firm Shriyai Consultancy came up with the motive to help organizations in creating, managing, sharing and utilizing its knowledge effectively & efficiently, while simultaneously helping them with the other core pillar - finance.

Quality Provider of Business & Strategic Solutions

ShantanuGhosh is a veteran in the field of corporate strategic affairs with over 24 years of cumulative experience, he is widely acknowledged as one of the pioneers in Legal Outsourcing business and Knowledge Management in India. Shantanu established Shriyai in 2010 with the guiding principle to be a knowledgeable and ethical firm that would deliver what it promises. Speaking on this, Shantanu says, “I was always inclined towards creation of value within an organization in a market that is mostly money driven. Nurturing the organizational culture, developing the knowledge base and wrapping up with the financial strings are the three essential pillars that I felt, were imperative to the growth of any organization. So by the end of 2009, I decided to quit my job and leverage my expertise & knowledge by assisting the organizations with effective strategies & solutions.”

Positioned as a boutique consultancy firm, Shriyai offers its services in two main domains viz. Financial Syndication & Investments and Strategic Consulting. Dedicated to promote entrepreneurship development, the company started its operations from assisting startups to mentoring of companies, before taking on mid to large level organizations as its clients.
Understanding that each client has unique business problems, it focuses on delivering business models and approach strategies that vary according to the client's needs. While playing the dual role of an Investment Banker as well as a Consultancy firm, Shriyai is able to provide a holistic view of businesses that help its clients in having a crucial advantage over the other firms. With a team of industry experts and senior consultants on board, the company strives to understand the business environment first and then design comprehensive business and financial solutions that would best suit the client. Teaming up with the clients as partners, the company seeks to understand the requirements and help them in reducing their financial wastages while optimizing the overall output. Shantanu avers “our positioning is in a way unique in the segment or level we are in at the moment. Most of our competitors are either management consultants or investment bankers. We operate in both the spaces and hence are able to provide that critical edge to the client that makes all the difference.”

Teaming up with the clients as partners, Shriyai seeks to understand the requirements and help them in reducing their financial wastages while optimizing the overall output

The ancillary services offered by Shriyai include independent Due diligence, Merger & Acquisitions, Techno-Viability studies, Business Transformation and others. Having a strong presence as Investment Banking & Corporate Strategic Advisory solutions provider, Shriyai renders its services across various industries from aviation, steel, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, realty, to government institutions.

Exploring Business Opportunities across Verticals
Headquartered in Delhi, Shriyai has its presence in Kolkata, NaviMumbai, Chennaiand Colombo, with partner offices in Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, UAE and Bangladesh.

Believing perseverance and hard work is the key to success; Shriyai also believes that one must be able to spot an opportunity when it presents it self. Shantanu concludes by sharing his future traction, “We have recently signed an MOU with a leading power company in Bangladesh for setting up Waste to Energy plants in that country. We are also working towards setting up a venture fund focused towards early stage ventures and Renewable energy. We are currently also exploring certain business opportunities in the Realty and Aviation space.I believe in taking calculated risks and jumping into opportunities, than into conclusions.”