10 Most Promising Human Capital Management Consultants - 2020

Today, employees are one of the most crucial elements of a business. Having the right employee will have a positive impact on not only the overall performance but also the work culture and atmosphere of the organization. In this ultra-competitive work environment, all the players regardless of the size and nature of their operations are aiming for the best candidates out there. Modern HCM software solutions deliver wide range of functionalities and benefits that empowers your HR team to drive efficiencies and provide strategic value to the business. Human Capital Management (HCM) is the comprehensive set of practices for recruiting, managing, developing and optimizing the human resources of an organization. With the competition getting tighter and the supply of talented industry ready graduates decreasing, it is easy to understand the increasing demand for capable HCM Consultants. Human Capital Management consultant or HCM consultant as they are most commonly referred to, play a crucial role in this overall process of human resource optimization at an organization.

While many underestimate and consider HCM consultants as only a service providing industry, the Indian HCM consultant market is estimated to hold a valued of 214 million US dollars by 2022. The sector is poised to grow at an impressive rate with a CAGR of 12.5 percent during the estimated period. There is more to recruitment than hiring the candidates with the highest qualification and HCM consultants help organizations align with their organizational objectives and goals. HCM consultants also help the new recruits in their orientation process, allowing the fresh recruits to transition seamlessly into the new organization and its culture. HCM consultants also help the employees in their up-skilling and re-skilling which is crucial to survive in this fast-moving world. To highlight and bring forward the importance of having the most suitable HCM consultants, we at Consultants Review have come up with the list of ‘10 Most Promising Human Capital Management Consultants - 2020’ listing. This carefully curated listing features some of the premier consultants that are operating in the HCM sector and this list has been put together after thorough inspection by industry experts, and analysts including Consultants Review’s editorial board. This proposed list comes in favor of companies that are looking for the best HCM consultants.

Company Name Description
ABC Consultants Established in 1969, ABC Consultants has got decades of industry experience catering to almost all of the Industry verticals because of their pan-India presence.
CareerNet Technologies A name renowned for offering a plethora of recruitment and other talent acquisition solutions and services to companies operating across various industry strata.
HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions A premier HCM consultant offering bespoke management consulting, strategic HR consulting, leadership training, executive hiring, and experiential learning solutions
IKYA General Staffing An elite HCM consulting firm, IKYA General Staffing has been offering tailor-made HR solutions that have helped them become one of the trusted names in the sector.
Innovsource Innovsource offers credible and reliable HR solutions and services that have helped them develop into a recognized name in the industry.
ProcureTechStaff A prominent HCM consultancy firm renowned for providing specialized human capital consulting, and business consulting services to Fortune 500 companies.
Stylein Consultancy Stylein Consultancy is a recognized HCM consulting firm that has been carving a niche for themselves in the industry owing to their domain expertise as a one-stop solution provider of human resources services.
TeamLease Services Starting their operations in 2002, TeamLease Services has been offering a wide range of recruitment and staffing services to grow and expand on a consistent basis.
TechPro HR Services Established in 2010, TechPro HR Services is a human capital consulting firm, renowned for understanding the importance of realising Business Strategy through people.
V Hire U A leading innovative recruitment management firm providing the right career consulting to candidates and,time bound services to its business partners.