ProcureTechStaff: Focused on Providing Highly Proficient Services that Enhance the Quality of Human Capital Procurement

CIO Vendor India is fast emerging as a GIG economy. A gig economy is not a new concept on the global front, especially in Europe and the USA, hiring parttime workers or independent contractors has always been prevalent. It eventually leads to employment generation and overall skill development. Employers also have a wider range of applicants to choose from as they don't have to hire someone based on their proximity. With the evolution of the digital age, the concept of GIG economy is fast gaining popularity within the IT space. Economic reasons also factor into the development of a gig economy. Most times, employers cannot afford to hire fulltime employees to do all the work they need to be done, so they hire contractual employees to take care of busier times or specific projects. This is the domain that ProcureTechStaff mainly caters to.

Established in 2012 by Biplab Chaudhuri, ProcureTechStaff is a well recognized and prominent firm that offers services such as IT Consulting and Business Consulting. “PTS was created with the understanding that there was an immense pool of talent that could be utilized to provide quality services for our clients although there were companies that were providing the same services we were to provide, we felt that our model and outlook would attract people and clients to work with us. We introduced a model that was very client involved, we used the idea of partnership as a value adding element for the customers”, says Biplab Chaudhuri, Founder, ProcureTechStaff.

ProcureTechStaff is an IT consulting and business consulting firm focused on providing highly specialized Human Capital Consulting, Contingent Workforce Management Solutions, Corporate Restructuring, Staffing Process Re-Engineering services. From large corporations to small/niche staffing agencies, ProcureTechStaff aspires to provide robust and scalable solutions that enhance the quality of Human Capital Procurement. The
company provides services to both, IT and Non-IT resources. ProcureTechStaff is a true global firm with its presence in the US, Canada and India. The company offers highly skilled professionals whose education, skills and experience are vetted and matched to the client’s unique hiring needs, work environment, and company requirements. ProcureTechStaff is a USPACC minority certified company and is a proud member of the American Staffing Association, also an ISO 27001:2013 certified company and a member of NASSCOM.

ProcureTechStaff is not just a Human Capital Management firm but also an IT service provider to major corporations around the world

ProcureTechStaff is not just a Human Capital Management firm but also an IT service provider to major corporations around the world providing Digital Transformation solutions, Business Intelligence, Software Development and Data Warehousing services. The company adds value to its clients through HR advisory service team, to provide customized solutions for each, as a value-added service which includes training programs, performing need analysis, HR restructuring and provide change management to the clients to improve their hiring processes. Biplab states, “One of the unique aspects of our business model is thatwe form a collaborative partnership with our clients and we feel that this approach allows stronger partnerships to form and be successful. Once we share our approach most clients are very happy to be part of the overall project and part of the results. We have been told that our approach is unique and that everyone feels they contribute to success.”

Another important factor ProcureTechStaff encourages is Learning and Development. Training offers a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees but many employers in the current climate find development opportunities expensive. ProcureTechStaff invests heavily in Employee Training and Development. “We have just opened our new operations in Costa Rica and have big plans for there, as well as we are increasing ourfootprint in the US and India. We also have Canada on our radar as a spot to grow. We are always looking for the next big thing in IT. We follow the industry and want to make sure we are not following others but leading the way! Our leadership has made it their mission to be at the forefront of technology”, concludes Biplab.