V HIRE U: A Seasoned Recruitment Management Firm and Online Job Portal

CIO Vendor The highest rate of unemployment in India recorded was 8.45 percent in October 2019. Though, it cut down by one percent to 7.48 percent in November 2019, still due to the fluctuating economic growth and internal changes in the law system, there is no proper solution found to overcome this gap. Despite the fact that there are many recruitment companies existing in the industry, most candidates still fail to find a job that fits their requirement list.

Established in 2017, V HIRE U has maintained its strong presence in offering innovative recruitment management and online job portal services along with other offerings like Sourcing, Contract Staffing, Soft Skills Training and Payrolling. “At V HIRE U, our main motive is to offer end-to-end solutions to our clients. So, when a candidate enters V HIRE U, their search for a job should end here. Our company is like a supermarket where you will get all kinds of jobs based on your interest, experience and expectations. During the initial days, we faced a little hardship in getting clients on board, because there are companies in the market that are being served for several years. So, we had to prove what V HIRE U is capable of and how better services we can offer to our clients and how different they are from other companies”, shares Rajesh, Founder, V HIRE U.

The recruitment methodology used by V HIRE U is ideal for current industry requirements and also builds a relationship between a client as well as job
seekers. The recruitment wings of the company are stretched under PAN India providing services to the top companies in India with the right aspirant candidates and HR Solutions. V HIRE U offers the services based on the client's and candidates 'requirements, whether it is for IT or Non IT, major services offered are for Non-IT sector. Rajesh adds, “We provide services according to the client’s needs. If they seek out our services only for sourcing,we will do that as per their data provided. Also, V HIRE U offers Payroll and Staffing services on behalf of the companies and we provide ESI along with PF facilities to the employees under this service.”

V HIRE U has maintained its strong presence in offering innovative recruitment management and online job portal services

The team of V HIRE U is highly skilled and to find the right candidate the company uses a private database, multilevel network and various job portals. The team always strives to work in a time bound environment which helps them in providing on-time and best services to their clients. V HIRE U caters services across various industries ranging from Healthcare, IT, BPO, Telecom, Banking, Media, Entertainment, Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing and many more. SBI, Swiggy, Zomato, Ola Bike Taxi, Food Panda and many more are some of the major clients of V HIRE U. The biggest milestone achieved by the firm is it has on-boarded 300 to 400 food delivery executives for Food Panda in a week, also today, V HIRE U provides its services for more than 50–60 companies.

V HIRE U believes that today, making the best use of social media can help a company grow with the changing market trends. Following this system, the company utilizes the maximum of social media platforms to post about recruitment services. “We have an aim of getting 100 employees on board within a span of two or three years like by the end of 2023. Also, to increase the number of clients and provide excellent service to them, and raise the efficiency of our services”, concludes Rajesh.