Stylein Consultancy: A Reliable Name Offering Tailor-Made HR Consultancy Services at an Affordable Price

CIO Vendor Hiring the ideal candidate to fill in the positions in the organization is a crucial aspect of running a business. Recruitment is an ongoing process and getting the right employee can have a massive impact on the performance of the business. At a time, when even the small firms are looking for the best job seekers, it is crucial that you have got your recruitment and selection process sought out. Partnering up with the right human capital management consultant can make a major difference between running the business and shutting down the operations. What makes choosing the right consultant for your company important is the fact that every company will have unique operational strategies and philosophies and partnering up with the right consultant will help the company to amplify its success. Acknowledging the need gap prevailing in the sector, Stylein Consultancy was established in 2017 to become a one-stop solution for their clients' human capital management dilemmas.

Founded by industry stalwart Viraj Khabiya who has more than 17 years of experience working in the HR industry, Stylein Consultancy operates with a vision to offer bespoke HR solutions for their clients from various industry verticals at a competitive price. “After working in the industry for so long, I identified the immense scope and potential that the human capital management space has to offer and after partnering up with like-minded people, I zeroed in on the establishment of Stylein Consultancy. The primary motive behind the establishment of the company came from the thought that generic HR solutions offered by the other consultants have started to affect the entire reputation of the sector. We always try to offer our clients the ideal candidate who not only fits the job description but also aligns with
the vision and mission of the company”, avers Viraj Khabiya, Founder & CEO, Stylein Consultancy. Stylein Consultancy understands what the client is looking for and it believes that recruitment and selection are much more than hiring the clients with the best resume and there are various other things that need to be looked into to make the perfect selection.

Stylein Consultancy operates with a vision to offer bespoke HR solutions for their clients from various industry verticals at a competitive price

The commitment and professionalism shown in their work have helped Stylein Consultancy to gain the trust of their clients with their bespoke HR services including recruitment, consulting, HR outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, and other staffing services to name a few. Being in the industry for so long, Viraj understands the importance of evolving with the changing industry requirements and technological advancements. The company has its own database that allows them to stay one step ahead of the competition and Stylein Consultancy always makes sure that they are always on top of the technology game. Combining their technical expertise with the strong backing and support from their employees, Stylein Consultancy has got themselves a winning formula. The consultancy firm follows a flat organizational structure and this allows their employees to feel free and comfortable and at the same time be motivated to give their best for the company. Stylein Consultancy also conducts regular employee training programs to keep their workforce updated with the latest industry requirements.

For a company that started with operating solely in the insurance sector, Stylein Consultancy has come a long way in just three years and as of now, they are catering to various industry verticals including BFSI, BPO, IT, logistics, and e-commerce. Gearing up for a bright future, team Stylein is planning to be a single point of contact for all their clients' HR requirements and by continuing to follow their customer centric approach, Stylein Consultancy is working hard to expand their reach in the market and develop into a recognized name in the industry.